Thursday, May 9, 2013

Take a stand 4 the BigLand, by-election, Monday, May 13, 2013

Other Political Parties are offering Labrador peoples change. Will, you never saw change like the Libertarian Party of Canada offers. If you have more or less given up on the old main line Parties & the system in general, are sick of the perceived corruption, lies, smoke & mirrors, misleading information, your hard earned money spent unwisely, your Natural Resources squandered and used by others outside of Labrador without fair compensation, etc.. Maybe you believe that your tax money is used against you instead of for you. Maybe you believe that our old time government system & parties are top heavy, thus costing us far to much. If this is where 'the real majority' of Labrador Peoples stand at this time in our history, (I sincerely believe it is) and you want real positive change that will not be denied, this could be your best option. If you never vote anyway, what do you have to lose for the next two years by giving the Libertarian Party a try? I truly believe Labrador will be pleasantly surprised and happy with our system. It's your choice to make on May 13, 2013, chose Andrews,Norman. This a choice that you never had before, a new way to go. This Monday take a stand for the BigLand.

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