Saturday, March 10, 2007

Danny's Plan

This maybe pure speculation but it is the way I see things unfolding with regards to what Danny Williams has in store for Newfoundland/Labrador.

1. Allow the provinces outport communities to die as quietly as possible, because he can't support them at this time. In his mind he maybe saying that, I will help them later on when my plan gets into full swing but I can only help the larger towns on the island now.

2. Get all the funds he can from the Federal Government and from the sell of Labrador Hydro Power.

3. Take the resources from Labrador and use them on the island of Newfoundland to create industries.

4. Use the lower Churchill Power to drive those industries.

5. Bring home every mother's son to work in those industries.

6. Control the population of Labrador to lessen their political clout.

7. Divide the people of Labrador in groups by giving each group special funding and if they cause problems for him, he comes out and cuts that funding or threatens to do so. i.e. Combined Councils of Labrador.

Note 1: One might say - how will they take the resources from Labrador without so much as a squeak from the residents? No problem!

(a) Pay off the aboriginal leaders, especially the Innu Leaders.

(b) Butter-up the ordinary citizens of the BigLand by fulfilling part of some basic needs, just enough to keep them quiet. i.e. give them a Gym or some substandard roads.

Note 2: The people of the island should be proud that they have a Premier like Danny Williams because I truly believe that his goal is to save the rock and he will accomplish that if given sufficient time and his own way.

Island people may not like his methods because he must do things in a business manner to reach his goal. Other methods have been tried since confederation without success. I think the business way will work.

Williams could be the savior of the rock unless the people get rid of him prematurely and we always kill our saviors, don't we? I.e. Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi and Jesus.

The down side to this scenario is the way that he will do it, taking from Labrador instead of building industries in the bigland right where the resources are.

I hope my thoughts on this issue are completely wrong but I don't think i'm very far of the mark.

For evidence to my theories just watch the actions of the Williams government in Labrador and Newfoundland.

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