Thursday, May 9, 2013

Take a stand 4 the BigLand, by-election, Monday, May 13, 2013

Other Political Parties are offering Labrador peoples change. Will, you never saw change like the Libertarian Party of Canada offers. If you have more or less given up on the old main line Parties & the system in general, are sick of the perceived corruption, lies, smoke & mirrors, misleading information, your hard earned money spent unwisely, your Natural Resources squandered and used by others outside of Labrador without fair compensation, etc.. Maybe you believe that your tax money is used against you instead of for you. Maybe you believe that our old time government system & parties are top heavy, thus costing us far to much. If this is where 'the real majority' of Labrador Peoples stand at this time in our history, (I sincerely believe it is) and you want real positive change that will not be denied, this could be your best option. If you never vote anyway, what do you have to lose for the next two years by giving the Libertarian Party a try? I truly believe Labrador will be pleasantly surprised and happy with our system. It's your choice to make on May 13, 2013, chose Andrews,Norman. This a choice that you never had before, a new way to go. This Monday take a stand for the BigLand.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Muskrat Falls Power For Labrador or Not?

According to Miss Yvonne Jones' presentation to the PUB, Jerome Kennedy stated, he sees new industrial demands in Labrador requiring 800-900MW of additional power. Yvonne stated herself that, "The major customers for electricity in Labrador are new and expanding mining projects. IOC, for example, is proposing to double their output
through their Genesis expansion. This is estimated to require a minimum additional 200MW of energy."

Show us the common sense to all this! It's gonna cost billions to send Muskrat Falls Power out of Labrador while Labrador needs it locally, right now or in the very near future. The way mining is going in Labrador we know for a fact that the BigLand will need aprox. 1000mw long before 2041. Do it right, develop Muskrat Falls power mainly for Labrador & send the excess to Newfoundland for their use; not ship it of to Nova Scotia and beyond.

Nalcor CEO Ed Martin on Vocm Feb.29,2012: " if all goes right, with continued oil and gas development, Muskrat Falls, the Labrador-Island link, Gull Island and the Upper Churchill contract expiring, our children and grandchildren could be living in the one of the richest jurisdictions in Canada, possibly even the world."

Does Kennedy think we are stun in the BigLand or what? At least many of us in Labrador knows full will that he is actually refering to the island when he says, "our children & grandchildren could be living in one of the richest jurisdictions in Canada, possibly even the world"

We know it ain't going to be the children or grandchildren of Labrador in the future who will benefit from this proposed Muskrat Falls deal. How can they, really, when all this hydro power is slated to go to the island, Nova Scotia & beyond?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Small, Precious Earth!

"If the Earth were only a few feet in diameter, floating a few feet above a field somewhere, people would come from everywhere to marvel at it. People would walk around it, marveling at its big pools of water, its little pools & the water flowing between the pools. People would marvel at the bumps on it, & the holes in it, & they would marvel at the very thin layer of gas surrounding it & the water suspended in the gas. The people would marvel at all the creatures walking around the surface of the ball & at the creatures in the water. The people would declare it precious because it was the only one & they would protect it so that it would not be hurt. The ball would be the greatest wonder known & people would come to behold it, to be healed, to gain knowledge, to know beauty & to wonder how it could be. People would love it, & defend it with their lives, because they would somehow know that their lives, their own roundness, could be nothing without it. If the Earth were only a few feet in diameter." Author unknown.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Vive le Qu├ębec!

Que.adopts motion against Lower Churchill funding

Never thought i'd say "Long live Quebec" but there it is and here is why.

Labrador has a small population and a very low number of seats in government.(4 Prov and 1Federal) Not much clout! Plus we have a population of aprox 28,000 people which is being held against us by Newfoundland Governments, in the past and now.

Because of our situation and based on past treatment by governments we have no choice but to take our support where we can get it, so we thank Quebec for this and we trust that their present actions will help, not only Labrador, but Newfoundland as will. Newfoundland because of the high Hydro rates they will face if this project goes ahead.

We are held back from development, from proper highway construction, Water & Sewer in small communities & most recently potential clean energy (Lower Churchill Hydro Power). Hydro power that could be used in Labrador coastal communities to replace dirty fossil fuel power.

NL Government now claim they have hydro power for us to drive industries in Labrador but where is the proof of this? We see it as just hollow words. We don't see any industries that they could have enticed here to begin operation when this 1st power comes on stream.

What they are not telling us is that we will block the use of any power we may have reserved for you. We will put so many road blocks in place for industry that companies will just walk away. They will walk away rather then screwing around with this. They will walk away because it will not be feasible(cost effective) for them to operate an industry in Labrador. Sure they say, Vale Inco will need power when they go underground but they will try to force Inco to pay for a power line to their operations. A power line that should be paid for by Gov from the Revenue they have received for the past 40 years from 'OUR 300mw of Upper Churchill Power'. A line that should have already been in place to the North and South Coast of Labrador years ago, a sufficient line for industry down there.

If a Hydro line was already on the coast from Upper Churchill Hydro Power, like it should be, Nalcor & Government could just sell power to Vale Inco or Aurora Energy or any other need on the Labrador Coast at good rates. Think about the potential jobs a livehoods taken care of far into the future.

Dunderdale is now saying they will have available 500mw for Labrador. Sounds familiar? Will 500mw is what we supposed to get from Muskrat Falls & Gull Island if developed. Wait a minute, this isn't the 500mw she is alluding to now. No! She is actually offering us 300mw, that already there from Upper Churchill + 200mw from Lower Churchill=500mw. Hold your horses again: According to Nalcor Energy's Vice President, Gilbert Bennett, there is only 100mw of that reserved Upper Churchill power left. So now what do u have? 300-200+200=300mw total. Now we are back where we started in the 60's with 300mw. Some deal hey? Try to get you hands on it though. Looks like more Revenue for Provincial Government Coffers.

Don't know why i'm doing this. It's just helping NL Gov use our words and our Hydro Power against us. They do this by telling us what we want to hear, like Kathy Dunderdale did yesterday and today. The big, big problem with this is that thousands of Labrador people believe her and Nalcor Energy.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Who would Labrador Trust,Lib/Con,Who?


News Release Government of Newfoundland & Labrador,Canada, Executive Council June 8, 2007.

CBC News July 12,2009: MacKay about 5 Wing Goose Bay.
Mackay said that can't happen because of troop commitments in Afghanistan.
"We weren't told that this promised hinged on what happens in another country, so was this a deception?" - N.A.

Did the Federal Liberals mislead Happy Valley Goose Bay also? I have heard that they promised the Labrador Innu to close down 5 Wing or drastically scale down it's operations. Is this the reason our MP Todd Russell never ever requested a meeting with Defense Minister Peter MacKay?

Desperate Need Found

Nfld's desperate need for Lower Churchill Power found.

1. Use the revenue from Oil to develop & distribute 'clean electricity' to the island of Newfoundland.

2. Manufacturing Jobs on the island of Newfoundland for when their Oil is all gone.

3. Why the island of Newfoundland Manufacturing first, using Labrador Hydro Electricity?

4. Why not Manufacturing in Labrador first since we are the risk takers (Happy Valley Goose Bay/Mud Lake)and the adjacent ones on this Mighty Grand River?

I'll answer the questions with another question; What else could save the Rock & least keep the mother's sons that are already there & not yet born on the island?

Note: The most respectable thing they could have done would be to set up some manufacturing in Labrador 'first' before taking Labrador's future away. Newfoundland Government could have started with: (a)enticing industries to come here & use the 300mw already reserved for us from the Upper Churchill. (b)They could have had manufacturing ready to run, with their operations ready for when Lower Churchill power came on stream in 2016.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Grand River Murders

Mr.Dave Adey wrote:

"When the mighty Grand River finally succumbs to her murderers, she will let out one final cry. The eagle and the osprey, the fish and the seals, the bear, the caribou, the wolf, the song birds, the water fowl and all the creatures, her children, that she nurses; will all stop when they hear that cry. They will all turn and look and all will be silent. The Murder of Muskrat Falls will be complete and from there on nothing will ever be the same."

Save the Rock expand your Warehouse.

The time is long overdue to STOP THE GIVE AWAYS in this province, guess Labrador is gonna have to help NL, the Rock can't seem to help themselves. Not enough Electricity, Fish gone, Minerals gone, Forestry gone, turned into finished products using Nuclear Power somewhere else and sold back to us.

Stun as me Arse!
Sure! U don't even have to construct a billion dollar Hydro Power line to, God knows where, just build the plant here, create industries here, ship finished products anywhere from here via train or ship. Bring home every mother's son, have them work here, collect their taxes, save the rock.. SO LOGICAL BUT TO SIMPLE, RIGHT?



WHAT'S THE PROBLEM? Smarten up! No more stupid Newfie remarks boy. Where beast de go now, beast de go down hrbour in Tom Baths Skeef? Beast gonna land ye on the green.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Survey Results on Muskrat (up to 2,100 people)

These are the results from a mail-in survey and a Virtual Town Hall Meeting conducted across Labrador.

.Should a dedicated Labrador development fund be a condition of a proposed Muskrat Falls project? 84% of aprox. 2,100 surveyed said yes

.Do you believe that Labrador will receive a fair share of revenues from Muskrat Falls power sales? 86% of aprox. 2,100 surveyed said 'NO'

.Are you satisfied with the proposed employment benefits for Labrador residents? (Muskrat Falls) 67% of the aprox. 2,100 surveyed said 'NO'

.Does the proposed agreement respect the Aboriginal rights of Innu, Inuit, and Metis in Labrador?(MuskratFalls) 68% of the 2100 said 'NO'

.Should Muskrat Falls power be available in Labrador for residential and commercial customers? 95% said 'YES'

.Do you feel that you have enough information about the proposed Muskrat Falls project? 84% said 'NO'

.Have Labradorians been properly consulted about the proposed Muskrat Falls project? 80% said 'NO'

.Are you concerned about the environmental impacts of the proposed Muskrat Falls project? 79% said 'Yes'

.Does the proposed Muskrat Falls development provide enough benefit for the people of Labrador? 83% said 'NO'

. Do you support or oppose the proposed Muskrat Falls agreement? 12%StronglySupport,46%StronglyOppose,19%Somewhat,10%Unsure,13%SomewhatOppose

Many thanks to Todd Russell, Labrador's MP in Ottawa for having this info arranged & presented to us.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sincere Nalcor & Gov? LOL

We the people of Labrador are not that hard to convince that this proposed Lower Churchill project is a good one for the BigLand.

What Long-Term-Benefits justifies this proposed Lower Churchill Project for Labrador? Name them, 1,2,3,4,5,6 so on......

Nalcor & NL Government should show Labrador an official list of reputable companies they have enticed to be ready to roll in 2016 when the first power from Muskrat Falls comes on stream. I'm sure they could offered them a more then fair deal on electrical rates just for the long term jobs they would create alone?


---COMPANY #1----------Company #2--------Company #3
________________ ________________ _______________
Hydro Need===-?-....Hydro Need==-?-.....Hydro Need =-?-

Local Jobs====-?-.....Local Jobs==-?-.....Local Jobs==-?-


Now the next step might be to have the CEO's & Directors of these companies offer a presentaion at the Environmental Assessment Hearings & be open to questions from the Panel, Nalcor Energy & the audience.

This presentation would be extremely interesting considering the fact that Labrador already has 300mw of Upper Churchill Power that they cannot access.

Friday, March 11, 2011

No! Mfg isn't the Key

The TV says Mfg is the Key(manufacturing).
Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! The Key is WE, 'LABRADOR HYDRO POWER, manufacturing is the Tool.

The Key to saving the Rock, and it's in the BigLand. Newfoundland desperately wants it, by hook or by crook. The NL government has the Million Dollar Advisors,the Psychologist, the Magicians to try and screw Labrador into the ground without them even knowing what hit them.

Trying to obtain Lower Churchill Power by the Newfoundland Government and it's side kick, Nalcor Energy is the biggest con-job I have ever heard off, even bigger then the BIG Upper Churchill Grab in the 60's, if that is possible.

It's time that Labrador stops becoming somebody else's Treasure Trove. Someone better wake Labrador people now and i'm not talking about a dozen or so up by John Hickey's Office in Happy Valley Goose Bay, i'm talking about 1000,s. They had better have a, Religious Experience at this moment. Something better hit them like a ton of brick, not tomorrow. Tomorrow, the horse will be longgg gone and twenty something thousand people will be closing the giant barn door. It will be a complete waste of time. Can't you see? The barn is empty, nothing else left in there for anyone to steel, at least no Lower Churchill Power. Why close the door now? She's gone boy, she's gone, lock stock and barrel. A deal sealed in stone like another one we know off. Nobody can help you now, not even God himself. You blew it! You were all to comfortable in your easy chair. Guess you wasn't hungry enough. Not only did you blow it for yourselves, you blew it for your children, your grandchildren and their children's children. Screwed, big time!

The Key, the Engine, the works, gone. The Power that would have driven any kind of industry in the BigLand, on the mainland of North American, not an island in the sea. We could have taken finished products anywhere from here, by planes,trains, and automobiles, even by boats. What! Boats! There is no ice-free ports in Labrador, is there? Our children's children will be extremely lucky to buy an automobile, let alone drive one to visit our friends in another part of Canada or elsewhere.

So, you might say, what can we actually do. Will! You can get the hell up to those, so called Environmental Assessment Hearing, hit them like a swarm of bees protecting their honey.


Monday, February 28, 2011

Dunderdale Disagrees(Labrador Wins-?-)

Here and Now Late Night - February 25, 2011
Premier Kathy Dunderdale is defending the idea of a federal loan guarantee to develop the Muskrat Falls Hydro Project.

Dunderdale was in Happy Valley Goose Bay today (Feb 25,2011) meeting with elected officials at the Combined Councils.

Yesterday (Feb 24,2011)Labrador's MP Todd Russell said he opposed the Federal Loan Guarantee because he said the project won't benefit the people of Labrador.

Dunderdale disagrees. It absolutely does benefit Labrador in that it helps facilitate(make it easier to bring about) construction of Muskrat Falls. Ha, ha Muskrat Falls will provide energy, much needed clean, green energy, ha to the 'PROVINCE' but it also provides great opportunities for industrial development in Labrador.
1. Will let see: The federal loan guarantees helps make it easier to bring about the construction of Muskrat Falls of which Labrador does not want. We don't want it, mainly because nearly zero benefits for us and the negatives outweigh the benefits by, lets say 99-1.

2. "Will provide energy, much needed clean, green energy, ha to the province". To where? "The province". A careful choice of words, don't you think so? Not Labrador, but the province. Is that the province they speak of in the media, from St.John's to Port au Basques?

3. "but it also provides great opportunities for industrial development in Labrador" Thats a big one but where is the evidence for that, pray tell? First of all. How can there be industries for Labrador from Muskrat Falls when there is absolutely no hydro power slated to come off that proposed power grid for Labrador? Go figure?

Will,there it is folks, not the official government document of positive benefits from a Muskrat Falls,Lower Churchill development I was looking for, but a list none the less, a very small one for sure.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Subliminal Ads/Hydro/School Children

WARNING: Do you know what a Subliminal message is? Have you ever seen or heard one?
I believe that this the very first time i`ve encountered one of these message since leaving Wabush, Labrador in 1984. For some unknown reason I tend to pick up on them.

People can usually see them when they are pointed out, but not before.

Look at these pictures and maybe you can understand where i`m coming from.
These are photos used by our children across the province, in schools today, Feb.25,2011. You may even see this on todays TV News.

Your thoughts on this would be much appreciated.

Be very alert children because bulling is all around us every day. Watch your back.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hydro & Labrador Children

What concerns me the most about this proposed Muskrat Falls, Lower Churchill deal is:

((( "Taking away wealth for future generations" of Labradorians )))

#1. The complete removal of the Hydro Power that could drive future industries in Labrador. I'm refering to Industries that would supply long term employment for the children, that I suspect our Premier, Kathy Dunderdale will be speaking with Feburary 25,2011 in Upper Lake Melville Schools. How does she feel about that?

#2. The further pollution of Labrador's rivers and streams from Mercury. There are people in Labrador that blame the damming of the rivers for the Upper Churchill Power caused the disappearance of the Cod Fish in the Sabdwich Bay area back in the 60's and early 70's.

We know that this PC Government as helped to build roads and hospitals etc. for us and we do appreciate this. In fact they may have done more for Labrador than any previous Nfld Government. What this tells me is that the PC's have learned from us that they cannot continue to take, take, take, the resourses from this BigLand without giving something back. I call it buttering us up so that they can take the Motherload. The very Power that could drive Labrador's future. Does giving us a few things that others in this province have enjoyed for decades justify this action? No way jose! I think not!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Labrador's Monumental Lost

Any development of the Lower Churchill Falls under a NL Government scheme would be a monumental lost to Labrador.

Construction jobs would have to be filled by people outside of the BigLand because we do not have the population to draw from, or do we? Those jobs would be only temporary anyway. Long term jobs would amount to peanuts.

The Hydro Power would pass by Labrador residents door step on the way to Newfoundland over the 900mw powerline. How would they get the 5000mw Upper Churchill Power over that line in 20141?

The fish in our river would be poisoned again by mercury and Labrador would become a larger target for any terroist that wanted to hit the United States indirectly.

Then there is the potential flooding danger to the communities of Happy Valley Goose Bay and Mudlake if Churchull Falls Dams ever ruptured.

Newfoundland would have industries coming out of their ears using Labrador Power. Maybe Labrador Power would even save the rock and bring home every mother’s son from Alberta, after the oil is gone.

The bottom line is: there would not be enough positive benefits for Labrador in the long haul to justify such a project with such huge risk, except for a few bucks that the Innu Leaders would receive? What about the other 25,000 or so peoples of Labrador? Shouldn’t adjacency matter? I think adjacency should matter wherever a resource is in this province.

Anyone who is looking for money could just buy shares in Emera and sell them again after the next big announcement concerning Muskrat Falls, Lower Churchill is made.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Churchill River Causeway/Bridge

Yes indeed.

Sunny but extremely cold for three weeks & very little snow in Central LABRADOR.

When this kind of situation developes the frost creaps down deep into ground further & further. This happens because there is no natural blanket of snow to stop it.

I put a question forward at the Labrador Friendship Center a few years ago about the Churchill River Causeway/Bridge. I asked the folks holding a meeting there concerning this issue; "will this causeway/bridge stand the test of time?" I asked this question because this construction was done on sand, which, to our knowledge was never done before. The answer was, yes it will.

This test maybe imminent when the Spring arrives. I say this because Churchill River is very wide & when the run-off's from the snow in the forrest occurs this year, they will have nowhere to go but into the river because the melting snow will not be able to penetrate the frozen ground.

The ice coming down the river & the large amount of water flowing into it may cause drastic damage to the causeway/bridge. All that ice and water will try to get through the narrow opening under the bridge at the same time.

We had a pile-up of ice on this causeway a couple years ago which bent the railing in over the causeway leaving large chunks of ice blocking one lane.

A few of us, including our friend Mr.Gerald Dyson suggested that the bridge go over the solid rocks of Muskrat Falls, just a short distance across. Like Gerald used to say, you could throw a rock across the river there because the distance was so short, but that was not to be. Our provincial government's engineers along with our MHA saw it in their wisdom that the sandy route was the way to go. We shall see.

Rest in peace Gerald. All of Labrador will miss you deeply. Yourself & your wife were true and devoted Labradorians.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Muskrat Falls Survey,some results


OTTAWA, February 9, 2011 — Labrador M.P. Todd Russell today released some preliminary figures from his Labrador-wide opinion survey on the proposed Muskrat Falls project. The survey began on December 8th, 2010, with surveys made available to all Labrador residents by direct mail and on-line.

The overall response rate is higher than similar mail-back surveys conducted by Members of Parliament. While not a random sample, the size of the response is as large or larger than the number of Labrador residents interviewed during province-wide public opinion surveys.

More than 200 submitted surveys have been data-entered so far. The conversion of the survey responses into digital format will allow for more detailed analysis and cross-tabulations.

Detailed results will be made public in the near future, once all survey forms have been received and processed and the full results are analyzed.

Results for those surveys processed as of February 8th are as follows:

On the main question, “Do you support or oppose the proposed Muskrat Falls agreement?”,

· 45% of respondents strongly oppose and 13% somewhat oppose;

· 12% strongly support and 20% somewhat support;

· 10% are not sure.

Results from other questions reveal public concerns about the economic, environmental, and other aspects of the proposed project:
Q1. Does the proposed Muskrat Falls development provide enough benefit for the people of Labrador? — 83% NO.

Q2. Are you concerned about the environmental impacts of the proposed Muskrat Falls project? — 78% YES.

Q3. Have Labradorians been properly consulted about the proposed Muskrat Falls project? — 78% NO.

Q4. Do you feel that you have enough information about the proposed Muskrat Falls project? — 83% NO.

Q5. Should Muskrat Falls power be available in Labrador for residential and commercial customers? — 95% YES.

Q6. Does the proposed agreement respect the Aboriginal rights of Innu, Inuit, and Metis in Labrador? — 67% NO.

Q7. Are you satisfied with the proposed employment benefits for Labrador residents? — 66% NO.

Q8. Do you believe that Labrador will receive a fair share of revenues from Muskrat Falls power sales? — 86% NO.

Q9. Should a dedicated Labrador development fund be a condition of a proposed Muskrat Falls project? — 83% YES.

Q10. Do you support federal funding for transmission lines to Newfoundland or Nova Scotia? — 46% NO, 40% YES. (This was the only question on which opinion is “split”.)

Q11. Do you feel that Labradorians will be the “primary beneficiaries” of the proposed Muskrat Falls project? — 87% NO.

Todd Russell, M.P.


(613) 996-4630

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lower Churchill, the risk

The risk you may as! What risk?

Will, lets call it a potential disaster in the works. A disaster of major proportions. The destruction of communities and it's people. A population of some 8000+ residents. Of course i'm refering to the communities of Churchill Falls, Happy Valley Goose Bay and Mud Lake. The destruction by massive flooding because of broken Dams caused by earthquakes or even terrorism. i.e. If the Upper Churchill Dams were destroyed, it would take aproximately 12 minutes to flood Happy Valley Goose Bay.

Terrorism! Where did that come from? Will the potential is there, especially after 911 and the U.S. enemies around the world. Apparently the Upper Churchill was at risk and 5th on a terrorist list found in a Duffle Bag at the town of Churchill Falls. See, by hitting the hydro power supplies in Labrador the enemy would be hitting the United States indirectly.

Flooding isn't that far fetched. Look around the world, Australia , Newfoundland etc.. Flooding caused by nature or humans is still flooding and can put many lives at stake.

Who is taking the chances here? Not so much the Newfoundland residents, nor Ottawa residents, nor the Innu of Sheshatshiu or Natuashish or coastal community residents. Maybe some risk by the residents of North West River and the Innu of Sheshatshiu, but why would the Innu care, especially the leaders when the financial benefits are so great for them? We know that like most people the Innu of Sheshatshiu cares about the almighty dollar and the good it entails. What about the health issues because of the almighty dollar and we know that these aboriginal people are not use to wealth in large amounts?

Where are the rewards for taking these risks? The rewards for the Inuit, the NunatuKavut(Metis) and the Labrador Settlers? We can immagine the rewards for the island of Newfoundland and others, but what about us, the real stakeholders? Are we willing to take the risks involved in another flooding of land for another hydro development? Enormous amounts of water backed up for miles behind Dams, a potential force that could be unleashed on us anytime.

This story is not meant to alarm people but to inform them. Just understand and be aware of these unnatural forces, forces that are created by men and women for money, forces that could eventually destroy us, forces that can be avoided.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nation Building, Nfld Style

Removing our national flag. Remember that? Will, it happened and it was ordered by our own premier, Danny Williams.

He claimed it was for good reasons but I wonder what the rest of Canada thought of it. Did he put much thought into the consequences
of such actions? Consequences such as future requests for funding of major projects in NL. consequences such as wanting to run for Prime Minister sometime down the road. Did Danny Williams expect Ottawa to have a short memory and forget about this drastic action?

Lets look at federal funding for the Lower Churchill. After everything that as transpired concerning constant attacks against Ottawa by the Williams government, will the feds actually go out of their way now to help this province finance Muskrat Falls or will they just brush us off? What would you do for an enemy of your government and your country? Will Harper be kind to NL, forgive the PC's and send them a large cheque?

How could the Newfoundland and Labrador Government recover from such a move as removing our countries flag? How can they come back and be forgiven by the Feds so that they can obtain big bucks from Ottawa again? Maybe it could be accomplished by the ring leader (Danny Williams)resigning. Is that why he resigned? Maybe Ottawa will then look at helping us again. Is this the reason Kathy Dunderdale, our new premier is now in Canada's Capital with hat in hand asking for help to develop the Lower Churchill? Will it work or will Ottawa see through this facade? Ottawa knows that NL has the same government that backed Danny Williams by attacking our country. Will Ottawa forgive and forget knowing this fact?

Ottawa also as some additional gripes about this provincial government. Maybe they are asking themselves if this provincial government is really democratic? They have to wonder this after seeing the fiasco with Brad Cabana. Do the Feds want to support financially an un democratic province? Then there is the move by NL PC's to coronate Kathy Dunderdale as the new premier so that she can carry on the work of the former premier, uninterrupted.

Food for thought.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gold, in the BigLand

Save your Gold Jewelry until the Summer of next year. It is aprox. $1300/oz now and is expected to rise over $2000/oz within two years.

Apparently there is Gold $1,300/oz, Palladium $820/oz, Nickel $11.90/oz & Copper $4.35/oz in the Ore at Voisey's Bay. Vale Inco is making a lot of dough, don't you think so?

There isn't just Gold, Gold, in the BigLand. The BigLand is extremely wealthy with many Resources. i.e. Hydro Power, Logs, Iron Ore, Quartz, Titanium, Uranium etc.

Maybe you could add to this list.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Collapse of an Empire

Danny's abandoned Empire.

A long time Conservative switches allegiance(Graham Letto)to join the Liberal Party.

Danny Williams' beloved PC Party gives the Democratic process a huge black eye by not allowing a fairly new Newfoundlander(Brad Cabana)to enter the PC Leadership race, better than getting shot in the head like in the good old U.S.A..

This guy, Brad Cabana must be a very intellegent person to cause a powerful-?- Conservative Party to buckle the way they did. I mean, if this party is so will organized, why would they be so concerned about a little CFA taking it over? Why not just give him the benefit of the doubt by letting him run and fall?

Mr. Cabana should appeal this decision of the government. The least an appeal could do is push the PC's towards an amended constitution. It surely needs amending, especially their membership section. May I suggest free membership cards, fancy one, you know, with bar codes and all.

All this leadership fuss should be good for the Liberal Party though. I'm looking forward to a far more powerful opposition after the next election or a new and revised Liberal Party. Hopefully the Liberals have learned some valuable lessons from their fall from grace. Lets hope they come out of this fall and form a great and honest government, of the people and for the people after October. Gotta have a dream! LOL

Monday, December 20, 2010

Nfld Gov Propaganda Wagon

Dumber then Hell!

The NL PC Propaganda(brainwashing) Wagon is still rolling along. See the latest VOCM NEWS.
Kathy Dunderdale appears to be carrying on Danny Williams tradition of hitting the media regularly (every week or so). Trying to get them to think that this proposed Lower Churchill is really going forward.

Oh what a dream!

Maybe she is really hoping to drive up the shares of Nelcor and Emera. I think that stock investors are much to wise for that. Any intelligent investor would do research on the Lower Churchill and discover the same as many Labrador people have. This proposed project will never go anywhere without the approval of the majority of Labrador's citizens, period.

What good is federal loan guarantees gonna do anyway. Loans will still have to be repaid. Multi Billion Dollar Loans will drive up Hydro Rates big time in this province or drive our taxes through the roof. One way or another NL citizens will pay through the nose.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Where in the World is Sue Kelland Dyer?

Wish she was living in Labrador and an advocate for what's right and what's wrong in the BigLand Warehouse(that's the way NL Gov looks at Lab).

I'm sure she could build a great case for us concerning Lower Churchill, Nelcor and Emera.

Come on Sue, your brother lived here amongst us (rest his soul), why can't you?
You know Jim left unfinished business here.

Then again maybe you could team up with his local sons and be even a stronger force for any government to deal with.

The local aboriginals and the displaced Newfoundland residents living here for many years who made Labrador their home, could use you`re expertise. Actually, you could be helping the whole province by assisting Labrador.

The least you can do for your many followers is to inform us exactly why you gave up the fight on all big issues concerning the general public of the province.

Maybe you would consider running in politics for Labrador. Whatever it takes.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Confused Grass (LOL)

What weather in Central Labrador.

Here it is December 16, 2010 with no Snow and above zero temperatures. Did the Earth turn on it's axis so much that the Florida climate is now ours or what? Maybe the 2012 Shift as already started.

Anyway, I think the Grass is really confused. After-all it is supposed to be dying, not coming back to life like it is in Lake Melville area.

I know the outdoor folks, such as the ones who love snow machines must not be happy in these strange times. On the other hand there are many of us that are loving this break. Our Winter will not seem so long.

What do u think about the warm weather?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Destroy a 2nd,3rd,4th Labrador River?

Don't all Labrador residents think by now that one Labrador River's destruction is one to many? Destroying other rivers isn't necessary for Labrador's present or future needs, especially considering all the Hydro Power coming from Upper Churchill Falls. Sure, in 2041 we will have Hydro Power coming out of our ears. I suppose the argument is, we (Nfld) want all the Churchill Falls Power for ourselves(the Rock), Labrador can't have any of that, no,no; God forbid.

In my humble opinion, it would be absolutely insane to destroy even one more ego system, one more river in this BigLand for the sake of money. After all, it wouldn't be done to sustain life in any way for Labrador Residents.

There was 300mw of recallable Upper Churchill power that could have been used in Labrador but our governments saw fit to keep that away from us and use it's revenuse elsewhere. There was a time when Central Labrador needed extra hydro power for the military base in Goose Bay but our provincial government told local residents that they could not afford to upgrade the powerline to Churchill Falls. Upgrading this line would have taken less then one years revenue from the recallable power. There attitude must have been at the time; it's your power (in your backyard) but you can't have it, sorry.

Imagine all the industries that can be built in Newfoundland between 2016 and 2041 using cheep clean power from Labrador. Newfoundland would definitely be ready for the time when Oil Revenues disappear.

There was a $500,000 study done in 2008 for alternative energy for Labrador's South Coast and now government is gonna give Nalcor Energy more money ($2.5million) to do another study of South Coast Rivers. Why don't they just give that $2.5 million to the doctors so that they won't quit on us, would be money better spent, don't you think so? Maybe this is just a way of feeding Nalcor Energy and the $2.5 won't really be spent for the reason listed. Maybe Nelcor got other plans for that money.