Friday, February 25, 2011

Subliminal Ads/Hydro/School Children

WARNING: Do you know what a Subliminal message is? Have you ever seen or heard one?
I believe that this the very first time i`ve encountered one of these message since leaving Wabush, Labrador in 1984. For some unknown reason I tend to pick up on them.

People can usually see them when they are pointed out, but not before.

Look at these pictures and maybe you can understand where i`m coming from.
These are photos used by our children across the province, in schools today, Feb.25,2011. You may even see this on todays TV News.

Your thoughts on this would be much appreciated.

Be very alert children because bulling is all around us every day. Watch your back.


Sue Kelland-Dyer said...
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Sue Kelland-Dyer said...

I see what you see and I don't like it.