Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hydro & Labrador Children

What concerns me the most about this proposed Muskrat Falls, Lower Churchill deal is:

((( "Taking away wealth for future generations" of Labradorians )))

#1. The complete removal of the Hydro Power that could drive future industries in Labrador. I'm refering to Industries that would supply long term employment for the children, that I suspect our Premier, Kathy Dunderdale will be speaking with Feburary 25,2011 in Upper Lake Melville Schools. How does she feel about that?

#2. The further pollution of Labrador's rivers and streams from Mercury. There are people in Labrador that blame the damming of the rivers for the Upper Churchill Power caused the disappearance of the Cod Fish in the Sabdwich Bay area back in the 60's and early 70's.

We know that this PC Government as helped to build roads and hospitals etc. for us and we do appreciate this. In fact they may have done more for Labrador than any previous Nfld Government. What this tells me is that the PC's have learned from us that they cannot continue to take, take, take, the resourses from this BigLand without giving something back. I call it buttering us up so that they can take the Motherload. The very Power that could drive Labrador's future. Does giving us a few things that others in this province have enjoyed for decades justify this action? No way jose! I think not!

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