Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Labrador's Monumental Lost

Any development of the Lower Churchill Falls under a NL Government scheme would be a monumental lost to Labrador.

Construction jobs would have to be filled by people outside of the BigLand because we do not have the population to draw from, or do we? Those jobs would be only temporary anyway. Long term jobs would amount to peanuts.

The Hydro Power would pass by Labrador residents door step on the way to Newfoundland over the 900mw powerline. How would they get the 5000mw Upper Churchill Power over that line in 20141?

The fish in our river would be poisoned again by mercury and Labrador would become a larger target for any terroist that wanted to hit the United States indirectly.

Then there is the potential flooding danger to the communities of Happy Valley Goose Bay and Mudlake if Churchull Falls Dams ever ruptured.

Newfoundland would have industries coming out of their ears using Labrador Power. Maybe Labrador Power would even save the rock and bring home every mother’s son from Alberta, after the oil is gone.

The bottom line is: there would not be enough positive benefits for Labrador in the long haul to justify such a project with such huge risk, except for a few bucks that the Innu Leaders would receive? What about the other 25,000 or so peoples of Labrador? Shouldn’t adjacency matter? I think adjacency should matter wherever a resource is in this province.

Anyone who is looking for money could just buy shares in Emera and sell them again after the next big announcement concerning Muskrat Falls, Lower Churchill is made.

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