Monday, February 28, 2011

Dunderdale Disagrees(Labrador Wins-?-)

Here and Now Late Night - February 25, 2011
Premier Kathy Dunderdale is defending the idea of a federal loan guarantee to develop the Muskrat Falls Hydro Project.

Dunderdale was in Happy Valley Goose Bay today (Feb 25,2011) meeting with elected officials at the Combined Councils.

Yesterday (Feb 24,2011)Labrador's MP Todd Russell said he opposed the Federal Loan Guarantee because he said the project won't benefit the people of Labrador.

Dunderdale disagrees. It absolutely does benefit Labrador in that it helps facilitate(make it easier to bring about) construction of Muskrat Falls. Ha, ha Muskrat Falls will provide energy, much needed clean, green energy, ha to the 'PROVINCE' but it also provides great opportunities for industrial development in Labrador.
1. Will let see: The federal loan guarantees helps make it easier to bring about the construction of Muskrat Falls of which Labrador does not want. We don't want it, mainly because nearly zero benefits for us and the negatives outweigh the benefits by, lets say 99-1.

2. "Will provide energy, much needed clean, green energy, ha to the province". To where? "The province". A careful choice of words, don't you think so? Not Labrador, but the province. Is that the province they speak of in the media, from St.John's to Port au Basques?

3. "but it also provides great opportunities for industrial development in Labrador" Thats a big one but where is the evidence for that, pray tell? First of all. How can there be industries for Labrador from Muskrat Falls when there is absolutely no hydro power slated to come off that proposed power grid for Labrador? Go figure?

Will,there it is folks, not the official government document of positive benefits from a Muskrat Falls,Lower Churchill development I was looking for, but a list none the less, a very small one for sure.


Sue Kelland-Dyer said...

It keeps getting worse and worse. We must stop this.

Anonymous said...

A couple of years ago now I heard a fellow on VOCM (sorry, caller, don't remember your name)quite correctly say words, to the effect, "The real value of electricity is NOT where you produce it but WHERE YOU USE IT. "
He went on to point out that you can essentially have a power plant running off some stream somewhere in the wilderness, controlled/operated by someone almost anywhere else in the world, really.



Dave Adey said...

If there's one thing Dunderdale is good at is 'spin'. Greater than any tidal pool created by the falls itself. The whole project is nothing but spin and except for a few people who see through it, the rest have accepted it as gospel. The people of this province are pretty damn stupid to accept their story that we have no choice but destroy Muskrat Falls and put ourselves further in debt and even double our hydro bills to pay for it. They inject a little fear that by not doing this we will be paying more; that's nothing but gypsy fortune telling.