Friday, March 11, 2011

No! Mfg isn't the Key

The TV says Mfg is the Key(manufacturing).
Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! The Key is WE, 'LABRADOR HYDRO POWER, manufacturing is the Tool.

The Key to saving the Rock, and it's in the BigLand. Newfoundland desperately wants it, by hook or by crook. The NL government has the Million Dollar Advisors,the Psychologist, the Magicians to try and screw Labrador into the ground without them even knowing what hit them.

Trying to obtain Lower Churchill Power by the Newfoundland Government and it's side kick, Nalcor Energy is the biggest con-job I have ever heard off, even bigger then the BIG Upper Churchill Grab in the 60's, if that is possible.

It's time that Labrador stops becoming somebody else's Treasure Trove. Someone better wake Labrador people now and i'm not talking about a dozen or so up by John Hickey's Office in Happy Valley Goose Bay, i'm talking about 1000,s. They had better have a, Religious Experience at this moment. Something better hit them like a ton of brick, not tomorrow. Tomorrow, the horse will be longgg gone and twenty something thousand people will be closing the giant barn door. It will be a complete waste of time. Can't you see? The barn is empty, nothing else left in there for anyone to steel, at least no Lower Churchill Power. Why close the door now? She's gone boy, she's gone, lock stock and barrel. A deal sealed in stone like another one we know off. Nobody can help you now, not even God himself. You blew it! You were all to comfortable in your easy chair. Guess you wasn't hungry enough. Not only did you blow it for yourselves, you blew it for your children, your grandchildren and their children's children. Screwed, big time!

The Key, the Engine, the works, gone. The Power that would have driven any kind of industry in the BigLand, on the mainland of North American, not an island in the sea. We could have taken finished products anywhere from here, by planes,trains, and automobiles, even by boats. What! Boats! There is no ice-free ports in Labrador, is there? Our children's children will be extremely lucky to buy an automobile, let alone drive one to visit our friends in another part of Canada or elsewhere.

So, you might say, what can we actually do. Will! You can get the hell up to those, so called Environmental Assessment Hearing, hit them like a swarm of bees protecting their honey.


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Dave Adey said...

Very powerful Norm and exactly right to the point. The people of Labrador need to wake up right now and let the government know that they just can't walk in and rape the land anymore. The government thinks that they can throw a few bucks around and that will buy enough people to worm their way around whatever they want. Once it's gone, it's gone and so will the government; then the people will be wondering what they should have done. It'll be too late and Labrador will be put up for sale to whoever thinks there's a few morsals left to haul away.