Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sincere Nalcor & Gov? LOL

We the people of Labrador are not that hard to convince that this proposed Lower Churchill project is a good one for the BigLand.

What Long-Term-Benefits justifies this proposed Lower Churchill Project for Labrador? Name them, 1,2,3,4,5,6 so on......

Nalcor & NL Government should show Labrador an official list of reputable companies they have enticed to be ready to roll in 2016 when the first power from Muskrat Falls comes on stream. I'm sure they could offered them a more then fair deal on electrical rates just for the long term jobs they would create alone?


---COMPANY #1----------Company #2--------Company #3
________________ ________________ _______________
Hydro Need===-?-....Hydro Need==-?-.....Hydro Need =-?-

Local Jobs====-?-.....Local Jobs==-?-.....Local Jobs==-?-


Now the next step might be to have the CEO's & Directors of these companies offer a presentaion at the Environmental Assessment Hearings & be open to questions from the Panel, Nalcor Energy & the audience.

This presentation would be extremely interesting considering the fact that Labrador already has 300mw of Upper Churchill Power that they cannot access.

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