Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gold, in the BigLand

Save your Gold Jewelry until the Summer of next year. It is aprox. $1300/oz now and is expected to rise over $2000/oz within two years.

Apparently there is Gold $1,300/oz, Palladium $820/oz, Nickel $11.90/oz & Copper $4.35/oz in the Ore at Voisey's Bay. Vale Inco is making a lot of dough, don't you think so?

There isn't just Gold, Gold, in the BigLand. The BigLand is extremely wealthy with many Resources. i.e. Hydro Power, Logs, Iron Ore, Quartz, Titanium, Uranium etc.

Maybe you could add to this list.

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Sue Kelland-Dyer said...

The BigLand has it all and should be the beneficiary of that. I for one will work to ensure that wrongs are made right and Labrador becomes all it can be.