Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Collapse of an Empire

Danny's abandoned Empire.

A long time Conservative switches allegiance(Graham Letto)to join the Liberal Party.

Danny Williams' beloved PC Party gives the Democratic process a huge black eye by not allowing a fairly new Newfoundlander(Brad Cabana)to enter the PC Leadership race, better than getting shot in the head like in the good old U.S.A..

This guy, Brad Cabana must be a very intellegent person to cause a powerful-?- Conservative Party to buckle the way they did. I mean, if this party is so will organized, why would they be so concerned about a little CFA taking it over? Why not just give him the benefit of the doubt by letting him run and fall?

Mr. Cabana should appeal this decision of the government. The least an appeal could do is push the PC's towards an amended constitution. It surely needs amending, especially their membership section. May I suggest free membership cards, fancy one, you know, with bar codes and all.

All this leadership fuss should be good for the Liberal Party though. I'm looking forward to a far more powerful opposition after the next election or a new and revised Liberal Party. Hopefully the Liberals have learned some valuable lessons from their fall from grace. Lets hope they come out of this fall and form a great and honest government, of the people and for the people after October. Gotta have a dream! LOL


Sue Kelland-Dyer said...

I would like to see a revised Liberal Party. I would like to see sincerely passionate people bringing our province together with genuine interest in protecting our future.

I would like to see a House of assembly full of such people. The real backrooms, bagmen, etc. are usually one and the same.

Norman Andrews said...

I totally agree Sue. Hopefully you will be part of this revised party.

We will see what happens in Happy Valley Goose Bay in February. I'm looking forward to seeing yourself, Danny Dumaresque, Yvonne Jones and Graham Letto here at that time.

I suspect that Danny Dumaresque is looking at running in the Upper Lake Melville area. He sounded real good on the open line show recently, concerning the Lower Churchill issue.

Could be our local PC minister John Hickey is on the verge of stepping down, if so this might make it easier for the Liberals to win in Labrador.

Yourself, Danny Dumaresque & Yvonne Jones would sure make three formidable candidates for the BigLand

Dave Adey said...

There's no doubt that the province needs a bigger Opposition and I say that no matter which party holds the reins. Right now it is too small and during the sessions in the House of Assembly it is painfully noticeable.

To their credit they do their best, they raise questions that concerns us all; however, rarely does a question receive a clear answer. The government members think that heckling and dancing around questions is all good sport but one by one, people are starting to see through that childishness.

Blunderdale got a free pass and only one person stood up and challenged her. The party panicked and right in front of our eyes they built wall after wall to stop Cabana. Now we can see from this and other incidents why they want to pass a bill that will only let the media and the people see what they only want us to see.

Perhaps the Tory castle will remain some what strong after the next election but as they falter and their members panic; one by one they will quit and as history always repeats itself, they will be the 5 person opposition.

Won't happen soon enough!!!