Monday, December 20, 2010

Nfld Gov Propaganda Wagon

Dumber then Hell!

The NL PC Propaganda(brainwashing) Wagon is still rolling along. See the latest VOCM NEWS.
Kathy Dunderdale appears to be carrying on Danny Williams tradition of hitting the media regularly (every week or so). Trying to get them to think that this proposed Lower Churchill is really going forward.

Oh what a dream!

Maybe she is really hoping to drive up the shares of Nelcor and Emera. I think that stock investors are much to wise for that. Any intelligent investor would do research on the Lower Churchill and discover the same as many Labrador people have. This proposed project will never go anywhere without the approval of the majority of Labrador's citizens, period.

What good is federal loan guarantees gonna do anyway. Loans will still have to be repaid. Multi Billion Dollar Loans will drive up Hydro Rates big time in this province or drive our taxes through the roof. One way or another NL citizens will pay through the nose.