Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nation Building, Nfld Style

Removing our national flag. Remember that? Will, it happened and it was ordered by our own premier, Danny Williams.

He claimed it was for good reasons but I wonder what the rest of Canada thought of it. Did he put much thought into the consequences
of such actions? Consequences such as future requests for funding of major projects in NL. consequences such as wanting to run for Prime Minister sometime down the road. Did Danny Williams expect Ottawa to have a short memory and forget about this drastic action?

Lets look at federal funding for the Lower Churchill. After everything that as transpired concerning constant attacks against Ottawa by the Williams government, will the feds actually go out of their way now to help this province finance Muskrat Falls or will they just brush us off? What would you do for an enemy of your government and your country? Will Harper be kind to NL, forgive the PC's and send them a large cheque?

How could the Newfoundland and Labrador Government recover from such a move as removing our countries flag? How can they come back and be forgiven by the Feds so that they can obtain big bucks from Ottawa again? Maybe it could be accomplished by the ring leader (Danny Williams)resigning. Is that why he resigned? Maybe Ottawa will then look at helping us again. Is this the reason Kathy Dunderdale, our new premier is now in Canada's Capital with hat in hand asking for help to develop the Lower Churchill? Will it work or will Ottawa see through this facade? Ottawa knows that NL has the same government that backed Danny Williams by attacking our country. Will Ottawa forgive and forget knowing this fact?

Ottawa also as some additional gripes about this provincial government. Maybe they are asking themselves if this provincial government is really democratic? They have to wonder this after seeing the fiasco with Brad Cabana. Do the Feds want to support financially an un democratic province? Then there is the move by NL PC's to coronate Kathy Dunderdale as the new premier so that she can carry on the work of the former premier, uninterrupted.

Food for thought.

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