Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lower Churchill, the risk

The risk you may as! What risk?

Will, lets call it a potential disaster in the works. A disaster of major proportions. The destruction of communities and it's people. A population of some 8000+ residents. Of course i'm refering to the communities of Churchill Falls, Happy Valley Goose Bay and Mud Lake. The destruction by massive flooding because of broken Dams caused by earthquakes or even terrorism. i.e. If the Upper Churchill Dams were destroyed, it would take aproximately 12 minutes to flood Happy Valley Goose Bay.

Terrorism! Where did that come from? Will the potential is there, especially after 911 and the U.S. enemies around the world. Apparently the Upper Churchill was at risk and 5th on a terrorist list found in a Duffle Bag at the town of Churchill Falls. See, by hitting the hydro power supplies in Labrador the enemy would be hitting the United States indirectly.

Flooding isn't that far fetched. Look around the world, Australia , Newfoundland etc.. Flooding caused by nature or humans is still flooding and can put many lives at stake.

Who is taking the chances here? Not so much the Newfoundland residents, nor Ottawa residents, nor the Innu of Sheshatshiu or Natuashish or coastal community residents. Maybe some risk by the residents of North West River and the Innu of Sheshatshiu, but why would the Innu care, especially the leaders when the financial benefits are so great for them? We know that like most people the Innu of Sheshatshiu cares about the almighty dollar and the good it entails. What about the health issues because of the almighty dollar and we know that these aboriginal people are not use to wealth in large amounts?

Where are the rewards for taking these risks? The rewards for the Inuit, the NunatuKavut(Metis) and the Labrador Settlers? We can immagine the rewards for the island of Newfoundland and others, but what about us, the real stakeholders? Are we willing to take the risks involved in another flooding of land for another hydro development? Enormous amounts of water backed up for miles behind Dams, a potential force that could be unleashed on us anytime.

This story is not meant to alarm people but to inform them. Just understand and be aware of these unnatural forces, forces that are created by men and women for money, forces that could eventually destroy us, forces that can be avoided.

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