Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Destroy a 2nd,3rd,4th Labrador River?

Don't all Labrador residents think by now that one Labrador River's destruction is one to many? Destroying other rivers isn't necessary for Labrador's present or future needs, especially considering all the Hydro Power coming from Upper Churchill Falls. Sure, in 2041 we will have Hydro Power coming out of our ears. I suppose the argument is, we (Nfld) want all the Churchill Falls Power for ourselves(the Rock), Labrador can't have any of that, no,no; God forbid.

In my humble opinion, it would be absolutely insane to destroy even one more ego system, one more river in this BigLand for the sake of money. After all, it wouldn't be done to sustain life in any way for Labrador Residents.

There was 300mw of recallable Upper Churchill power that could have been used in Labrador but our governments saw fit to keep that away from us and use it's revenuse elsewhere. There was a time when Central Labrador needed extra hydro power for the military base in Goose Bay but our provincial government told local residents that they could not afford to upgrade the powerline to Churchill Falls. Upgrading this line would have taken less then one years revenue from the recallable power. There attitude must have been at the time; it's your power (in your backyard) but you can't have it, sorry.

Imagine all the industries that can be built in Newfoundland between 2016 and 2041 using cheep clean power from Labrador. Newfoundland would definitely be ready for the time when Oil Revenues disappear.

There was a $500,000 study done in 2008 for alternative energy for Labrador's South Coast and now government is gonna give Nalcor Energy more money ($2.5million) to do another study of South Coast Rivers. Why don't they just give that $2.5 million to the doctors so that they won't quit on us, would be money better spent, don't you think so? Maybe this is just a way of feeding Nalcor Energy and the $2.5 won't really be spent for the reason listed. Maybe Nelcor got other plans for that money.


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