Thursday, November 25, 2010

Great Day for Labrador

Dec 3, 2010! Mark it on your calendar, the day Danny Williams resigns. The PC Party's champion will be gone. A day of celebrations for all Labradorians.

Hopefully this is a lucky break for the BigLand, we may have escaped another huge giveaway, a Lower Churchill Falls Development and more polution of the Grand River.

Personally, I looked at this guy as if he had a few grains of intelligence. How neive could a person and a party be to expect to sign a deal on a Lower Churchill Hydro Project with one small group of Aborigional people and roll right over the rest Labrador's people? So stupid, in my book! i.e How could they just overlook the Metis people and expect to lay a powerline across their territory without their direct input?

All the people of Labrador are really stake holders on any Lower Churchill development.

Maybe Harper let Danny and the Innu down, in Ottawa today. Something fishy happened up there. So did he come back with his tail between his legs crying in his coffee? Maybe he decided to resign to turn all Newfoundland voters against Harper in the next Federal election.

What did Williams really accomplish during his two terms as premier? He lucked into Oil Revenuse, he wasn't responsible for it's development. He did butter-up Labrador people with the Trans-Labrador Highway expansion etc.. In my mind that was peanuts to get what he really was after.

I called him the Saviour of the Rock and the Angel of death for Labrador. Will, he could have been the Saviour of the rock if he had gotten this Lower Churchill Power to the island. Taking our power right under our noses would have been like a slow death for us and the prospects for our future. No extra Hydro Power in Labrador would have meant no future industries for us.

He is a quitter, quitting before his term was up just like Brian Tobin.

A very happy day for me. Actually i'm glad he is a quitter. I wonder if he is a major shareholder with Emera in Nova Scotia. Naw! He couldn't be, could he?

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