Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Confused Grass (LOL)

What weather in Central Labrador.

Here it is December 16, 2010 with no Snow and above zero temperatures. Did the Earth turn on it's axis so much that the Florida climate is now ours or what? Maybe the 2012 Shift as already started.

Anyway, I think the Grass is really confused. After-all it is supposed to be dying, not coming back to life like it is in Lake Melville area.

I know the outdoor folks, such as the ones who love snow machines must not be happy in these strange times. On the other hand there are many of us that are loving this break. Our Winter will not seem so long.

What do u think about the warm weather?


Anonymous said...

how are you?

Awesome post, just want to say thanks for the share

Norman Andrews said...

Your kindly welcome and thank you.