Sunday, March 27, 2011

Desperate Need Found

Nfld's desperate need for Lower Churchill Power found.

1. Use the revenue from Oil to develop & distribute 'clean electricity' to the island of Newfoundland.

2. Manufacturing Jobs on the island of Newfoundland for when their Oil is all gone.

3. Why the island of Newfoundland Manufacturing first, using Labrador Hydro Electricity?

4. Why not Manufacturing in Labrador first since we are the risk takers (Happy Valley Goose Bay/Mud Lake)and the adjacent ones on this Mighty Grand River?

I'll answer the questions with another question; What else could save the Rock & least keep the mother's sons that are already there & not yet born on the island?

Note: The most respectable thing they could have done would be to set up some manufacturing in Labrador 'first' before taking Labrador's future away. Newfoundland Government could have started with: (a)enticing industries to come here & use the 300mw already reserved for us from the Upper Churchill. (b)They could have had manufacturing ready to run, with their operations ready for when Lower Churchill power came on stream in 2016.


Dave Adey said...

It is a mystery why they want Muskrat Falls dammed. They give no valid reasons for it. Every time someone questions them about it, like Yvonne Jones, they put their backs to the wall and get scarily defensive. They never give a clear answer; spin, spin, spin.

There is no industry coming to the island or Labrador in the near future and unlikely anything major for many years. Industry is going to build where it is more financially feasable, and excuse my lack of vision, the only thing to do with industry will probably have to do with the local resources.

Long Harbour already had it's block of hydro required identified already, so that can't be used to justify Muskrat Falls. The population of the province is not going to dramaticly increase according to statistics. Holyrood is not going to be replaced. There's enough hydro that can be developed on the island with small dams and wind; that's already been written in a report, that it can be sufficient for decades for the needs of the province. Labrador, already has a block of hydro, 300mw, that's been there for them. That should mean that no more hydro needs to be developed if you already got it.

There is more that can be said; everyday, someone is pulling out facts and figures and poking holes in the veil that the government and Nalcor has covered the whole project in. They want it covered up which is why they have made Nalcor untouchable and they want to push through a bill that makes all that they say, write and do; to be kept from the public.

The government has no justification to destroy a river for hydro that is not needed. The people of the province don't need to bear more debt to satisfy the egos of a few people who dare to be god-like.

Norman Andrews said...

Dave, what about the statement by Nalcor's vice president, Gilbert Bennett told everyone at the hearings(on the record), they have no hidden agenda?

Dave Adey said...

Bennett is being paid to say words like that, if he didn't there would be another person in that position. It's obvious that his job is to reassure the people in the province that everything is just beautiful and perfect.

To say they have nothing to hide when no one can get expedient access to information, which they choose as to what they want us to see; tears the arse right out of his statement and his credibility. Fortunately for us, there's a lot of them that use their lips and with that those lips often times lets out information that they don't want us to know. The project and the lies are so gigantic, none of them has a grasp on keeping it all in line.