Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Poor Man's Pavement

Chip Seal, just like the name implies, it's a seal. A seal to be applied to new pavement and old pavement that has been repaired. It is a great protector of pavement and it lasts for about ten years until it needs to be resurfaced again. Chip seal is more flexable then pavement and any that may occur in pavement underneath Chip Seal will not be seen.

Even on the Newfoundland and Labrador Government's Website it states that, "the primary advantage of chip seal is that it provides a protective coating to road surfaces, increasing its durability and skid resistance." Must be talking about the durability and skid resistance of pavement, don't you think so?

To use chip seal as the main surface of an highway is a cheap way of covering up the gravel. Chip seal costs much less then asphalt ($1.50 per square yard compared to $12.00 for asphalt)I have searched many websites and have yet to find a place where chip seal is used as the main surface of a roadway.

This material must be applied very carefully and 'wash stone' must be used or the asphalt (tar)will not adhere to the stone properly. If the asphalt (tar) don't adhere to the stone properly the chip seal will fall apart causing much damage to motor vehicles and maybe people. Chip seal must also be layed in a warm climate or it will not set like it should.

I have heard people say that chip seal was used at one time in Central Newfoundland to Port aux Basques, but was torn up and condemned after a while. The reasons given was that it came up on vehicles tires, vehicles such as Tractor Trailors, and went through peoples windshields and it developed many pot-holes. One person in particular named Jim speaking on VOCM Night Line with Linda Swain 19 August 2004 said he worked at it for 7 years. Jim talked about Chip Seal in deep at that time and the problems they had with it in Newfoundland.

Is the BigLand of Labrador so poor that we have to accept chip seal as a main surface for our roads, I definitely think not. Labrador is far from poor and if Newfoundland can afford pavement on their highways and roads there is no doubt in my mind that Labrador can afford the same. In fact, Labrador can afford to have proper pavement and the the chip seal on top of it for added protection.

Even if government comes out and says that chip seal will now be the standard across this province, Labrador, because of it hugh wealth should get pavement coated with chip seal.

We the people of Labrador are not second class citizens and will not accept any less then the island of Newfoundland gets. This sleeping giant has awaken. The times of conning us and buttering us up has come to an end.

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