Thursday, April 19, 2007

They come down here

Danny Williams on CBC Radio News Thursday morning April 19,2007 said something like this:

They come down here and give us $2 million here and $5 million there and think it's fantastic.

Certainly when he said this he was referring to the Federal Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty and the equalization situation. I guess that Flaherty got back at Williams because Williams complained so much about the first formula on equalization from their recent budget which would have given Newfoundland an extra $5.6 billion ($24.1 billion instead of Danny's amount of $28 billion). So Flaherty came up with a new formula which gave Newfoundland a billion dollars less then the the previous equalization deal and Atlantic Accord. Maybe that was the result of Danny biting the hands that partially feeds Newfoundland (Ottawa).

Anyway, after hearing Williams today, something instantly occurred to me. He could have been talking about Labrador being neglected, when he said those things about the Feds. So Danny I will rephrase your words now to our way of thinking.


They come down here (Labrador) and give us $2 million here, $5 million there, poor-man pavement here and Polluting Diesel Power there for Labrador Coastal Communities and think it's fantastic.

The little money they give us is probably all Federal Money, maybe some of it from the $98 million Labrador Transportation Fund, but they pretend it's Newfoundland money.

These peanuts will cost us the Lower Churchill River and Labrador will obtain less then fifty permanent jobs over the long term and no guaranteed Hydro Power for us. Labrador's children will still have to chase Newfoundlanders to Alberta and Ontario for work although Labrador has (had) enormous amount of wealth in it's natural resources.
Hydro says that Labrador will get all the power it needs but government will make sure that we will not need any large amount hydro power. They will do that by putting barriers in place to prevent industries from developing fully in the BigLand.
i.e. 5 Wing Goose Bay a few years ago, when they needed more power and government said that they couldn't afford to upgrade the power line to upper Churchill although government has received billions of dollars since 1971 from that power source. The conquences of that was that the base had to use Diesel power from the emergency back-up generators in Happy Valley Goose Bay to supply their needs.

Newfoundland will get some of our Lower Churchill Power though. We certainly don't know how much but we do know what NL Hydro said at a meeting April 16, 2007 in Happy Valley Goose Bay, "Newfoundland will get 250 mega watts to replace the Diesel Power Generators in Hollyrood."
Hum! They will build a power line from Lower Churchill to Hollyrood, Newfoundland, but not to Labrador coastal communities. Figure that one out. I guess they care less about Fossil Fuel usage and green house gases in Labrador then they do in Newfoundland. Are they saying to themselves, the hell with the Labrador's Environment, we'll take care of Newfoundland's.

People of Labrador should keep in mind that this provincial government will rake in Billion, upon Billions of dollars between 2015 until eternity from Lower Churchill Power. That means to put Hydro Power lines to Labrador coastal communities would be peanuts in comparison.

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