Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Trans-Labrador Highway Blues

Loyola Hearn says that NL Government can use the $175,000 announced by the feds for the next seven years, on the Trans -Labrador Highway. Thats $25,000,000 a year. He also said that they can use it as they see fit.

So, why not take $50,000,000 from that and get on with surfacing that road between Happy Valley Goose Bay and Labrador West? $50,000,000 from the fed money and $50,000,000 from the province's money = $100,000,000. (or $25,000,000 a year each)What is the hang-up now, Mr. Hickey and Danny? Get on with it and stop dragging your feet.

Or you could go it alone. Just take $100,000,000 from the Voisey's Bay Royalties or from the half billion transfer payments from Ottawa. When was the last time Labrador got any of that federal equalization money from Newfoundland, I wonder?


Anonymous said...

Great blog Norman. Keep the faith and someday in all the confusion, we may get some answers and a way out of this mess. With all the treatment that history provides us with however, I can only see a one sided benefactor. I can only see the solutions, in separation; to get away from the oppressin of this govt.

Norman Andrews said...

(I can only see the solutions, in separation; to get away from the oppression of this govt. --Melvin Hamel)

I totally agree Melvin and it is the exact way that Newfoundland feels about Ottawa. The quicker someone gets takes seperation action on our behalf, the better.

According to Mr. Hank Shouse, Teritorial Status is they way to go for Labrador.

Labrador people should act fast in that direction before all of our resources are gone for Peanuts.

Anonymous said...

Want some cheese with that WHINE?