Thursday, June 28, 2007

Question of today VOCM

VOCM question.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper is taking credit for what he says is a country that's more united than it has been in four decades. Do you agree?

My reply to that question.

Yes, except for this province, and there is no one to blame for that but Danny Williams.

This confrontational attitude is supposed to be alien to our Premier. He keeps telling the peoples of Labrador, not to be so negative, work with us and yet he goes against his own philosophy when dealing with the federal government.

Stay at the table with the ones you are dealing with and negotiate, negotiate. Hammer it out one way or another without walking away.

Let people see the transcript of your negotiations, if you have to, let the truth be known. Don't lie and mislead your voters.

Lets see the proof of our provincial government's honesty with our own eyes.

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