Monday, July 2, 2007

The truth may set us free on the TLH

So, is this the proof that there was never a plan sent to Ottawa for the Trans-Labrador Highway by the Williams Government.

Personally, at this point in time, I do not give a damn who gets the job to develop a business plan for the Trans Labrador Highway or where this company is located.

Just get it done yesterday. Get contractors working on the Lab City end, the Goose Bay end and in Churchill Falls, working towards both ends. Its 30 years or more overdue already.

Hickey Defends Hiring of Mainland Firm July 2, 2007 VOCM

The provincial government is defending its decision to go with an out-of-province company on a transportation contract. Liberal transportation critic Eddie Joyce blasted the Williams government for selecting a New Brunswick company to develop a business plan for the Trans Labrador Highway. Transportation and Works Minister John Hickey says the consulting firm was hired because of their expertise. He says the provincial government wants to make sure they meet all the requirements for cost sharing programs outlined by Ottawa. Hickey says they felt it necessary to secure the services of Geoplan Opus because of their experience in the area. Hickey says the opposition is being hypocritical, as they have also been using the services of the company since 2002.

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