Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Stop Labrador @ all costs

What is Danny Williams' real plan? Does he have an hidden agenda
Is there a method to his madness?
Think about the Labrador issues and this man for a minute.
Would you or anyone else say that this guy is a dumb, person, with his education and business success?
Does Danny Williams believe in his heart of hearts that the people of Labrador are dumb or naive enough to fall for his antics? Does he think that all the councils (The Combined Councils)of the bigland are that stupid?
Many will say that this premier is not stupid by any stretch. Ok, if he isn't incompetent he has to know that we, the people of Labrador will say an empathic no to this so called energy plan. We the people will say no to his PC candidates and vote against them. He forced us to make, "the ask", to much for him to accept. He is forcing us to say NO.
Why would he pressure us to say no? Good question. He had to know that we would never accept this energy plan for Newfoundland. He threw in Hydro Power for Hollyrood as a project for Newfoundland, he could have thrown in Hydro Power for Voisey's Bay as one for Labrador, kinda balance things out in a fair way(tit for tat). Wouldn't one think so? So, what is it? Is it something to do with Ottawa?

Then there is the Labrador Highway.
Williams will not submit the proper plans to the feds for a highway across Labrador. The feds want a detailed plan for such a road. I'm guessing they want to know, how wide the road would be, what type of surface, how many lanes, distance of the road, estimated cost etc.. So why won't they give the feds the complete details for our road? Could it be that our province don't really want this highway and they know that if they forwarded the proper information to the feds it would be approved and that the highway would have to go ahead immediately and the funds couldn't be used for anything else? Could it be that our provincial government is afraid that with a proper highway system we will do 99.99% of our business with Quebec? Could it be that with a good transportation system this province could no longer hold back industry and progress in Labrador?

Another situation is the Military Base in Happy Valley Goose Bay. How could Williams stop that.
Will he could become such an enemy of the feds that they refused to expand 5 Wing Goose Bay. They refuse to spend such a large sum of money in Labrador solely because of our Premier's attitude towards the feds. Think about it; this fight with Ottawa is mainly hurting Labrador, not Newfoundland.

Is this madness all about keeping Labrador down? If so, why?
How as this government fooled our Honorable Minister John Hickey? As he convinced him to move to Newfoundland to live with them? As John Hickey forgotten who his boss is, who he is really working for? Maybe Danny promised John a job with him no matter what happens in this election. What forces would turn him against his own people, unless he is so selfish that nothing else in the world matters. Hard to fantom

Then again he could be expecting Labrador to fall for such a scheme as the Energy Play and the island would have it made in the shade. The island could use Labrador Hydro for the new Oil Refinery, a Smelter in Long Pond for Voisey's Bay Ore, to replace the Diesel Power in Hollyrood, an aluminum Smelter and many other industries that he will have coming on stream in Newfoundland the same time as the Lower Churchill. All this to save the Rock and bring home every mother's son. All this instead of industries for Labrador, adjacent to their own power.


Anonymous said...

Hey Norm, you certainly could be onto something there. One thing appears certain - at the very least Williams seems to be following in the tradition of Joe Smallwood in his complete disregard for the People of Labrador. A few bones here and there to try and shut us up. Watch for the promise of 'a little extra' for certain parts of Labrador regarding the energy plan to play us off against one another. I also know this - there's an awful lot of difference in the PC promises leading up to the last election as compared to the actual record and leading up to THIS election. If you left out the names you'd think the candidate(s) could not possibly be the same person.
So now it's up to Labradorians to stop this absolute disregard for them and the rip-off of OUR resources for the sole benefit of someone else. And they expect us to believe that somehow, our association with Canada is to blame for our problems. Wrong.
This should be a one issue campaign (backed with lots of historical precedent) and the issue has to be the Newfoundland Energy Plan. Re-paving some of the best pavement in town won't cut it.
Let the river flow to the sea forever before packing it up to send out of here with nothing for us, our children and grandchildren. Let if FLOW.

Norman Andrews said...

Yes Lloyd, I’d say that this so called Energy Plan is the straw that broke John Hickey's Back.

The Hvgb Town meeting last evening was very, very interesting. Personally I cannot recall so much resentment against one person during an election as I experienced there yesterday. It was all against John Hickey. So many people against one person.

John must have total amnesia because he as absolutely forgotten who is boss is.

Maybe Danny Williams has a company job for him after Oct.9 What other explanation could there be for such a traitor to his people?

WJM said...

Williams will not submit the proper plans to the feds for a highway across Labrador.

Why should he?

80% or 90% of the money that's ever gone into the TLH has been federal already. When is the province - Labrador IS part of a province, I thought - going to kick in ITS fair share?

WJM said...
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Norman Andrews said...

When Hell freezes over wjm.

The province, "from St.John's to Porte au basques" doesn't want Labrador to prosper.

Just heard on the Open Line Show a quote by Randy Simms, "Danny Williams thinks he is a Tory"

If he is really a Liberal he probably has Joey's policy concerning roads in Labrador, "we'll never build a road to Quebec" Joey wanted all Liberal that came after him to have the same policy. I suppose he meant a proper paved highway.

WJM said...

Just heard on the Open Line Show a quote by Randy Simms, "Danny Williams thinks he is a Tory"

Everyone knows he's really like the Quebec NDP - NDP and separatist at the same time!

If he is really a Liberal he probably has Joey's policy concerning roads in Labrador, "we'll never build a road to Quebec"

Actually, some of his MHAs have talked in similar terms, about how Labrador has to be linked "to the province" by a fixed link, rather than to Quebec.

Anonymous said...

Re; open line shows and callers.
There is at least one, whom it seems many don't like to take seriously and I make no judgement on that at all.... I do think he gets one statement right, and he says if often:

Just like the Moon Man says, "Everything is backwards here."

Ussr said...

Holy shit I thought that "Newfoundland Nationalists" were bad. Hacking into this shit has to be just as grungy as that shit. You people harbour some real sick shit guys.

OH WJM, when they do arrest your ass Im going to be there with bells on. Your just as bad or worse then Sue.

dannytoro1 said...

It's like the alternative energy thing for the coast I saw. All that for a study? Are you kidding? For that price alone you could have a pilot tidal power turbine up and running. I'm sorry, I've spent decades in Industrial parts management. You can't tell me there are not plenty of suppliers who would give you a good deal just for the prospect of many more sales. With plenty of support for figuring it all out. Between them and open source designs, they should be doing it, not tossing out a study excuse.