Thursday, March 29, 2007

Danny Williams doesn't lie?

I believe that is what I heard on CBC's 'Here and Now' March 28,2007 and it came from our right Honorable John Hickey.

A great comment in reference to what Hickey said, appeared on VOCM's question of the day March 29, 2007. The VOCM question was, "Do you support the province's ad campaign aimed at Stephen Harper?"

"Sure, why not. Now, will you approve some money for the people of Labrador to
run the same kind of campaign regarding Williams' broken promises to
Labradorians? What's fair is fair and if you're going to approve tax payers
money to advertise one set of broken promises then the exact same thing
apply to the other set. And I mean exactly the same kind, down to the
and signed promise, the election pamphlet and verbal. I think all
promises should be so advertised. Would you support that?" ---LP on
VOCM question of the day March 29, 2007


Brian said...

I voted no to that ‘question of the day”. Exactly for the reasons you give in your post, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander as the saying goes.

Anonymous said...