Friday, March 23, 2007

Endless Fighting NL/Ottawa

Whats this Federal Budget mess really all about anyway?

If it was about the federal conservatives winning a majority government next time around? If it was, why wouldn't they try to please all provinces? After all, one never knows what seats they will need to obtain that majority position. Might be seats from poor old Newfoundland and Labrador.

Does Ottawa have a hidden agenda to keep Newfoundland/Labrador down? Could it be something like the Newfoundland Government has towards Labrador? Control it's prosperity by preventing Industries to operate solely in Labrador, thus Controlling it's population and limiting it's political power. Why don't Ottawa do much more to help the less fortunate provinces? Does Ottawa wants a few poor provinces in this country? Is poor provinces in our country good for international relations?

Lets examine prosperity for a minute from Ottawa's prospective. What would be the result of Newfoundland and Labrador prospering?

(a) How would Ottawa feel about many large industries setting up in this province? Industries that would gobble up much of the Hydro-Power we have. Power that would be used by us instead of being exported to them.

(b) Alberta and Ontario would loose thousands of people from their workforce. Thousands of people originally from our province would move back home to work.

(c) Ontario and Alberta would have a hugh human resource problem. They would have to substantially increase immigration from other countries which would require some major screening by government.

(c) How would Ottawa feel about those two provinces losing a large part of their very valuable work force? Hard-working people from this province.

(d) How would Ottawa feel about the huge increase in the population of Newfoundland/Labrador?

Ways to fight the the Feds:

(a) The Premier could visit the provinces where 10's of thousands of our people work and conduct public meetings to convince them to write many of letters to Ottawa expressing their discontent about the unfair ways big government threats smaller members of it's family.

Rex Murphy offers the premier “free advice via a journalist.

“He has a lot of personal reach, everyone knows his name, he has compelling press presence, and I don’t think he levers it sufficiently.”

Murphy says Williams is a “singular political performer.

“He should try communicating on a national level outside drama, conflict and contention.

(b)Inform Ottawa that their policies concerning our province must change in positive ways and change very rapidly because our next step will be for all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians across the country to vote against the Conservatives in the upcoming general election.

(c) They must remove the non-renewal natural resources from the equalization formula immediately and there must be no clawbacks as a result of the revenue obtained from those resources for, lets say for argument sake, twenty five years. Ottawa must give the have-not provinces a break like they did with Alberta and the subsidy to extract Oil from their Tar-Sands.

A positive note on how Ottawa treats Labrador. Ottawa helps us 99.99% more then all of our provincial governments since Confederation so we will be a lot more gentler to them then Danny Williams.

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