Saturday, March 17, 2007

Labrador's Future & Lab West byelection pt. 2

Did Danny bring most of his Cabinet to Labrador West during the byelection because he was afraid that Ron Barron of the Labrador Party would win that seat?

Was he afraid of the consequences of such a win?

Was he afraid that such a win may start a landslide victory for the Labrador Party across the Bigland? Going from Lab West to Lake Melville and on to the coast.

I would venture to say that he was more afraid of Mr.Ron Barron winning then the NDP winning that seat.

Many remember what happened in the early 70's when the old Labrador Party won. That win by Tom Burgess frightened the Newfoundland government so much that they did a Royal Commission on Labrador. There was so many things suggested to be done in that study that if they tried to do them all it would have bankrupted the Newfoundland government. So the Newfoundland government went to Ottawa in a panic and received a half billion dollars for the BigLand - more money then was ever put here before.

My point is that we need to do that again, I mean, put their backs up against the wall like in the past, but this time keep them up there.

I do not believe that the Labrador Party Leaders will ever be bought off like, what was supposedly tried unsuccessfully in the 70's. They won't be conned or bought by anyone like Ed Roberts and Joey Smallwood with a million dollars in cash in a briefcase in Florida or anywhere else.

Imagine the power of Labrador's own political party. A party with a Labrador first agenda. Sure, 99% of Labrador's Resources could be developed in Labrador for the children of Labrador.

Some of us may have to take our heads out of the sand and think far ahead into the future and ourselves.

1. Where will the future children of the BigLand work?

2.Will they be able to stay in their home towns and work or will they have to move to some other province?

3. Will there be any natural resources left in Labrador to grow industries from after Danny and company are finished with us?

4 Will we wake up one day, look around and say, what the hell happened here, where did everything and everyone go?

5. What are we waiting for?

I guess that we are not hungry enough yet or there is a great show on TV and we can't get out of that easy chair.

Will folks,here is a news flash; "success comes in cans and failure comes in cant's" so lets move our asses and work as a team for the common good of Labrador. Lets pool our financial resources now, "plan our day and work our plan", get a can do it attitude because "inch by inch everything is a cinch". I love those quotes.

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