Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Danny Millions Wins Lab West

I say Danny, because of the power of unlimited money. Almost anyone backed by Danny Millions, other then Jim Baker could have won this district at this time. Anyway I look at it, the playing field wasn't level in my opinion by any stretch.

The 'number' of votes that he received was interesting though, 1666. Danny may not be superstitous but I am, especially when it comes to this win.

Makes one wonder how the other candidates would have faired if money wasn't an obstacle. If they could have put the full weight of the government on their side like Danny did. If the other candidates had that power, they could promise the Moon and tell the voters; if we don't deliver by October 9,2007 you can kick us out. The Williams group could have said; give us this chance and you will not be disappointed. So they throw in some candy right of the bat. Of course I'm refering to the promise of a new hospital, again or the timely reduction of the Ferry Service Fees by the PC's. Isn't it amazing how things can be delivered so fast when the political well is there? Political well and where Labrador is on their priority list, thats what its all about, don't you think so?

Ask yourself. How could the PC's have done so well and knocked down the very popular NDP Party and their well known and respected candidate in Labrador West without making promises that may never be kept? Lets hope and pray that the voters of Lab West wasn't led down the garden path like the voters of Lake Melville during the last general election.

Ok - one might say, good enough for now, and only time will tell if the Danny team delivers. October will be a whole new ball game. Danny won this battle, I won't say fair and square, but I will say, the war begins October 9th, 2007.

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Norman Andrews said...

VOCM News March 14,2007

"Williams says government has made a significant commitment to Labrador"

My question is; will he live up to it?