Monday, March 12, 2007

Cheap Seal

For all the people that would like to see this famous cheap seal that Labrador people are frequently talking about. Here is a birds-eye view of it.

These pics were taken after the first Winter of use.

These are the holes in the cheap seal near the Happy Valley Goose Bay end of the so called Trans-Labrador Highway.

I have heard that this stuff was used in Central Newfoundland years ago and had to be condemned because it wasn't reliable. Apparently pieces came up on tires and broke vehicle windows, we can see from these pictures that it is indeed possible.


Anonymous said...

From John Hickey's campaign phamplet in 2003

I will work to have the Trans Labrador Highway paved at a rate of 100 kilometres per year ˜ this will ensure a finished road, up to national highway standards, from North West River to the Quebec-Labrador border. Fifteen kilometres of "cheap seal" is not enough.

Norman Andrews said...

Hickey says that they have fowarded a business case to the feds.

Wouldn't we all like to see that?

I wonder why they have to wait for the feds to cost share the work with them and why do it have to be a 50-50 arrangement? Why not 75% by the province and 25% for the feds like on the island?

I say that Hickey and his government should produce that proposal for the Trans-Labrador Highway work that he claims to have sent to Ottawa in December 2006

Maybe Mr.Hearn can help us in that reguard.