Monday, March 12, 2007

NLFerry Services

Tomorrow the by-election in Labrador West takes place and maybe the games have begun.

I'm refering to the so called big announcement today that the cost of travel on our ferry service will decrease.

A tid-bit of info from that report says that the rate for a passenger will go down by a whole $0.25. Wow! Isn't that something.

Was this announcement designed to coninside with this election and to influence the votes in some way? Could it be that there will be more goodies to come before tomorrow? Goodies closer to home for Lab West or just another commitment or two.

Now, John Hickey said on VOCM Open Line show last night that myself and the Labrador Party didn't even want the Ferry Service from Happy Valley Goose Bay to Lewisporte.

This wasn't quite true. In fact I said that the Ferry Service should stay in Lewisporte until the road was finished from Red Bay to Happy Valley Goose Bay, but the Liberals moved it anyway. So after it was there for awhile I said that since the Labrador Ferry Service is now in Cartwright and well established there, this is where it should stay because to move it now back to Lewisporte would be defistating to the Cartwright area. I didn't agree with moving the service back to Lewisporte again and after a extensive study by Mun, they didn't agree that it should go back to Lewisporte either. After all Cartwright and it's residents spent a lot of money to accomidate the service.

Lewisporte had the service for many years so what was wrong with Labrador having the service until the road was finished.


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