Sunday, April 29, 2007

Cheap *Seal*


From John Hickey's campaign phamplet in 2003
"I will work to have the Trans Labrador Highway paved at a rate of 100 kilometres per year, this will ensure a finished road, up to national highway standards, from North West River to the Quebec-Labrador border. Fifteen kilometres of "cheap seal" is not enough."

A great idea John and we should go even farther by doing it for the long haul. Make it last for many, many years by protecting the pavement with Chip Seal, now thats the way chip seal is supposed to be used. Its for sealing pavement, not replacing it.

To me, this would be the intellegent way to complete the Trans Labrador Highway, but what do I know.

In the scheme of things the extra cost for chip sealing the Asphalt would amount to Peanuts from Labrador's huge wealth of Natural Resources and would definitely save money in the long run.

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