Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Like Lambs to the slaughter

In my humble opinion Danny Williams is misleading Labrador people and outport people everywhere in this province.

His government thrives on big announcements with the TV Cameras present. Think back to visualize which of these big media blitzes ever materialized into anything substantial.

Those big blow-ups accomplish one thing for sure, they keep Danny high in the polls.

His goal is to make a clean sweep during the election Oct. 9, 2007. Wipe out all opposition to his government and he will do whatever it takes to reach that goal.

He doesn’t seem to care how he does that. Mortgage our children’s future by using Tax payer’s money to buy votes. Pretend that his government has a financial surplus of $261 million when he has a debt of $11.5 billion dollars. Why didn't they use that so called surplus against the debt? Instead he uses some of it to give his staff 8.1% to 16.8% increase in pay, even give himself a Deputy chief of staff (brand new position)costing us $94,538 a year. Then he had the nerve to say, “They are special staff.” “They are a staff that are my senior advisers”. Wow! I suppose he feels that they are worth every cent of our money to. Do they advise him to use our hard earned taxes to fool us, mislead us, I wonder? Shouldn’t he have used party funds for that?

Where are the jobs he helped create? Thousands of people are still lining up for work in Alberta.
Then there was financial help for university students, grants reinstated etc., but where will those students go to work after they get out of school? I give you one guest?

In his budget, his government gave the people with the most income the biggest tax breaks – why not the other way around?

Why not give people a break on the Sales Tax? Maybe they would make more purchases.
Our high Sales Tax is one of the factors why people are leaving this province, not income tax. I have heard several workers say that they were getting pretty good money but, every time they went to a store it cost them 14% on their purchases so they got sick of it all and left for the West.
His increase in the minimum wages by $1 may bring in people from other countries but as soon as those people find out that the grass is greener out West, the're gone.

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