Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Nottin gonna stop us now?

Another announcement about money for the Trans Labrador Highway, VOCM May 2, 2007.

Looks like we're gonna get the money from the feds and the province for our highway. Imagine that, a transportation system for Labrador.

When the feds do put a big chunk of money there specifically for the highway what kind of excuse is St. John's going to use to stop it then, I wonder?

Whats next? Lower Churchill Power? Industries coming on stream to coincide with the first power from that project in 2015?

Certainly the industries must have been enticed to come here by Danny and friends.

I expect for products to roll off the assembly lines from those industries in the later part of that year.

Some industries may even start early by using the recallable power from Upper Churchill. I wouldn't hold my breath on that one though.

Just think about the possibilities, every mother's son coming back, but not to Newfoundland, to Labrador instead. Wow! Won't that be something. Who would have predicted that?


WJM said...

1) Hearn isn't the Minister of Transport.

2) The province seems to think that cheap-sealing one-third of the TLH from HVGB to Labrador City constitutes "completing the TLH" as promised by Harper. Do you?

Great blog BTW; keep it up!

Norman Andrews said...

Thanks WJM.

I know that Hearn isn't the minister of Transport, but he seems to be acting as him lately, hey.

Will we ever live to see the Trans Labrador Highway completely and paved, I wonder?

Most of the stuff from the provincial government is crap andworthless.