Saturday, April 21, 2007

Enemy in our midst

Could we be, “looking for love (a scapegoat) in all the wrong places? “
Our enemy could be our neighbour.

I’m thinking about the enemy of the Trans-Labrador Highway. Some one or some group that has a vested interested in not having this so called highway surfaced with a poor man’s pavement or any other type of pavement, for that matter.

Maybe it isn’t our provincial governments at all. Wouldn’t that be something? For years we would have been pointing fingers at the wrong people. I say this because I remember years ago that there was stories going around that the Woodward’s Group of companies did not want the Trans-Labrador Highway finished between Hvgb and Lab West. They didn’t want it because they would loose a lot of business to Quebec. I think it was the Oxygen supply business for 5 Wing Goose Bay and no doubt other business has will. To be fair, I don’t suspect Woodward’s today, but who knows?

Today I will point fingers at the Labrador North Chamber of Commerce (Happy Valley Goose Bay Businesses). Why them, you may ask? Will I remember a few years back when the talk of the town was that Wal Mart is coming to Labrador. The talk was that they wanted to set up business in Happy Valley Goose Bay but our Chamber of Commerce stopped it some way because local businesses would suffer dramatically, so as you all know, Wal Mart set up shop in Labrador City. Will and good, but it’s a long and rocky road to Lab West from our towns in Lake Melville. Ask yourselves this. What would happen to Lake Melville businesses, if there was a paved road to Labrador West? Hence the Chamber again. They may have said, we can’t have that, so they have private meetings with the Premier and John Hickey to put a stop to the black topping our highway or at least slow it down as much as possible.

In the meantime John Hickey gets on CBC Radio with Cindy Wall and says that the road between here and Lab West will be surfaced within five years. That statement should appease many people for awhile, don’t you agree? Keep them quiet long enough for the PC’s to get in for another two terms. Interesting!

Another question might come to mind. If our transportation money isn’t used for our freedom road, what will it be used for? Could it be that, after a chat with our wonderful Chamber, the Premier decided to use it for the first phase of his Northern Strategic Plan for Labrador in 2007, election year and while he is at it, why not spread it all over the place in an attempt to satisfy as many voters as he can, good thinking, hey? That should buy a few votes with tax payer’s money, right?

Must be good to have the power of the government behind you during an election year and be a multi millionaire on top of that. Oh, the power of money when it is used in a tricky way for political reasons.

Don't be surprised if there are other agendas at play in this BigLand.

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