Saturday, April 21, 2007


What will the peanuts you get from the NL Government cost you, really? Lets put it into perspective.

  • Further destruction of the Churchill (Grand) River from the proposed Lower Churchill Development?
  • Multi-millions of dollars from tourism on that river, lost forever?
  • A huge Hydro Power Resource that will be used elsewhere instead benefiting Labrador's children?
  • Billions, upon billions of dollars from that resource gone from 2015 till eternity?
  • Sustainable, environmentally friendly Industries in Labrador, employing Labrador Residents driven by Hydro Power?
  • No Hydro Power line to the Labrador coast, especially Northern labrador?
  • Polluting Fossil Fuel (Diesel) driven power plants in Labrador coastal communities?

So, what do you think? Will $55 million here and $250 million there be worth the destruction?

Who do you think the stakeholders are? I think they are all residents of Labrador and we must get involved on a large scale. We must not wait until the Lower Churchill deal is signed in the Fall of 2009. Thousands of people should express their concerns by email, by regular mail, by phone or in person to the Premier, John Hickey and Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro. lets get definite answers to our questions.

*** Some Addresses Below ***

Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro, 500 Columbus Drive, P.O.Box 12400, St.John's, NL A1B 4K7 -

Dept.Labrador/Aboriginal Affairs - P.O.Box3014,Stn.B, Hvgb, NL A0P 1E0, Phone 709-896-1780 or fax 709-896-0045

The Office of the PremierConfederation Building, East BlockP.O. Box 8700St. John's, NLA1B 4J6Phone: (709) 729-3570Fax: (709)
Brian CrawleyChief of Staff
Elizabeth MatthewsDirector of Communications
Peter NoelPrincipal Assistant to the Premier
Stephen Dinn Deputy Chief of Staff
Linda RocheExecutive Assistant (Corner Brook Office)

Note: Or you can write me and i'll do my best to find answers for you.


Norman Andrews said...

Some pertinent quotes:

"Do it Now"

"It takes guts to leave the ruts"

"Inch by inch everything is a cinch"

"How can dreams come true if we don't have a dream, dream big"

"The first step in making your dreams come true is to believe, the next step is action"

"Never, never give up"

Note: The Labrador Party will never give up again. It is here to stay, no matter what some may think.

HOWARD said...

I agree with norm 100% regarding the lower churchill deal.Regarding the people of Labrador 90% in faver of going ahead with proget.I don't think it well be 90% if we do not get power put aside for Ind. devlopament in Labrador.The Labrador pardy well demand to see what's in the deal before it is signed.