Monday, May 21, 2007

Labrador Party Fundraising

The Labrador Party has a series of fund raising initiatives on the go.

To name a few:

1.License Plates

2. Buttons about the Trans Labrador Highway.

3. A bake sale coming up on May 26 at the E.J.Broomfield Arena.
I personally like the plates a lot and they are half the price of Dan's License Plates, the ones with the unknown plant on them. These Labrador Plates are definitely more appropriate for Labrador.
Also The Labrador Party will be issuing a press release soon on potential candidates for nomination for their party.
Anyone interested in the fundraising or to run as candidates can email me or contact any of the Labrador Party Board members.

Some email addresses are:


Brian said...

The strike by members of local 9508 on two partly aboriginal owed contracting companies in Voisey’s Bay is in its 40th day. I have not seen our heard any position on this from the Labrador Party, unless I missed it.
The official site seems to be down and nothing on the strike has been posted here.
I find that curious.

Anonymous said...

Danny speaks about Labrador

Norman Andrews said...

First of all brian, this isn't a Labrador Party site.
Personally I support the members of local 9508 and I have done that on the Open Line show with Linda Swain.
I also believe that the Labrador Party supports this cause but what can they really do except, like you said, speak out and I think they will soon.

Brian said...

Hi Norm,

I realized that this was not an official Labrador Party site. But you do espouse the Party agenda and its purpose strongly, I was curious as to why no post from you and also no official word from the Labrador Party. 41 days after the fact may be considered by some as not quite cutting the mustard.

So you did post something, that’s great, but it highlights a disconnect of your knowledge of Northern Labrador that I find disconcerting.

You state that the strikers should take care while using their “little boats” to disrupt the mv Umiak’ passage.
Would by that do you mean; the ‘flats’ that people carry on their komatiks this time of year?
Or are you unfamiliar with the fact that there is still land fast ice up here. The ice is not as thick as the official VBNC propaganda makes though. The Umiak is now delayed by thick ice.

Norman Andrews said...

Thanks for the input, brian.
I appoligize for not knowing about the Sea Ice in the Nain area. Just something I heard on a Open Line show, should have done a little research first.
Sad to say that I have never been to the North Coast but i'm sure many Labrador Party members have a great knowledge of the climate in that area.
"But you do espouse the Party agenda and its purpose strongly"
Thanks for that brian. I'm glad you agree. I surely hope I know where the Labrador Party is coming from reguarding BigLand issues.
If you are a citizen of Labrador, you should seriously consider joining our Party. At first glance, its seems to me you would be an asset to the LP.