Sunday, May 20, 2007

Destruction of Labrador!

I'm talking about destroying our rivers, our forest and the landscape by digging huge holes in the ground for mining etc.
Who wins? Labrador? Newfoundland? Canada as a whole? Who?

You know and I know there's always downsides to Hydro Development, Mining, Forest Industries etc..

First and foremost one would assume, Labrador would be the big winner, since we are adjacent to all the negative impacts.

The question in my mind remains:

Is Labrador ready for more destruction without rewards?

Maybe we are so naive that we can be fooled again and again.

Personally, if someone was gonna destroy my backyard, I would want a major compensation package that would benefit my entire family.


Anonymous said...

Well, all we have to go on is the record to date and we all know who didn't benefit so far. According to the Northern Strategic 'Plan' Labrador is to see huge economic growth in the next few years. At the same time 'the Plan' predicts a shrinkage in Labrador's population. Some Plan. The area of Canada that is experiencing the largest economic boom right now (Alberta) is also experiencing pupulation explosion. Some Plan. Guess the only difference is who is mismanaging the show.

WJM said...

LP, be careful. You are not allowed to question the wisdom or integrity of Glorious Leader.

Anonymous said...

You people need to get your heads out of your butts. No industry is going to set up shop in that remote corner of the world. Just take a look at the nonsense going on in Voisy Bay. The mine is in it's infancy and already there is labour unrest. The only place in Canada that is worse than Cape Breton with regard to labour is your province, unions will be your downfall. Alberta would not put up with your socialist garbage, this is why industry exists there as opposed to your province. Alberta will only take your hard working people, not your lazy whiners.

Norman Andrews said...

To bad 'anonymous' that you don't have the guts to use your own name.
Writing has an anonymous person, you have very little credability. Your input is like random words out of the blue,nearly worthless but i'll show you the courtesy of a reply anyway.

I like to inform you though that Labrador isn't that remote. In case you don't know it, we are no more remote then Quebec.Labrador is in fact on the boarder of that province and there is a company train that constantly travels from Labrador West to Quebec.

I said it before and i'll say it again, Labrador isn't an island like Newfoundland and it isn't on the Moon. Labrador is a physical part of North America.