Saturday, May 5, 2007

North to Alaska!

Big Sam left Labrador in the year of 2001 (2007) to check out the highways in the land of the midnight sun. What he found there was amazing.

The land of the midnight sun from a country who sends people to the moon and who uses Chip Seal on their highways, but not like you might think. Oh no, they don't use chip seal for the main surface of their roads in this harsh climate of the North. They use nothing less than Pavement protected by Chip Seal.

The point of all this is: Why do we have to invent the wheel again? It's all been done before, sometimes by trial and error. So why don't we learn from the best and do the Trans Labrador Highway the way that Alaska does. I mean, The United States of America should know how to build a road and do it the right way, the first time.

Here is excerpt from an Anchorage Alaska web site that we would all be wise to check out before going any father with Cheap Seal:
Why Chip Seal?

"Asphalt roads are like the new paint on your house. The moment the application process ends the deterioration process starts. Much like paint, asphalt is subject to oxidation, sunlight, rain, freeze and thaw cycles. Pavement is also subject to a wide array of different traffic loads, use of equipment for snow removal and additional stresses by normal ground movement.
Chip seals can be used on new pavements to increase traction, or to prolong the life of a pavement that is structurally sound but is beginning to age and may have some surface distress."

Benefits of Chip Sealing:

". Improve surface texture.
. Waterproof the surface.
. Protect the underlying pavement from oxidation, aging and traffic wear.
. Give new life to dry, weathered surfaces.
. Seal small cracks and imperfections"
Ask yourselves this: If any group of thirty thousand people on the island of Newfoundland can use Labrador Resources to build paved roads in their neighbourhoods why does Labrador have to settle for Cheap Seal alone?
I believe that Labrador should have nothing but the best, Chip Seal covered Pavement. Shouldn't be hard to satisify our thirty thousand people in this BigLand with our own wealth.