Wednesday, May 9, 2007

To Craig Westcott's of Newfoundland

"Meanwhile, Labrador, where Hickey is from, is getting some 34 million dollars worth of road work this year.

It may actually be more than that.

I lost count of the projects and funding for the region.
Now I don't begrudge anyone in Labrador their road work.

But it seems passing strange that a place with less than six per cent of the population is getting over half the provincial roads budget.

That's what I mean by surreal.

That, and the comments of St. John's MHA's Bob Ridgely and Tom Osborne who are waxing eloquent in their praise of the crumbs Hickey is leaving for them.

Has Hickey even driven the arterial road between CBS and St. John's I wonder, with its patchwork quilt of potholes, ruts and crumbling asphalt?

More people drive that road every day than live in Labrador.
On a good day, the road is a threat to every car's suspension, shocks and tires.
On a bad day, when it's raining or snowing, the road is a menace.
But hey, I should be grateful.

Everyone else is.

We're getting a bridge fixed and some concrete dividers.
Big Brother really is looking out for us.

Pass me another glass of that water, would you?
For The Morning Show,
I'm Craig Westcott."


Hoop-de-doo Craig!

You should realize that Labrador has been, basically ignored by our provincial government since confederation even though we have put billions upon billions of dollars into the Newfoundland economy.

We are tired of looking after the Rock and being ignored.

Now you may know how the people of Labrador have felt and still feel 58 years later.

The provincial government still has a lot of catching up to do in the BigLand and they will have to spend a few billion dollars to do that before we are satisfied.

May I suggest that you bite your tongue and hang in there. I'm watching you and I believe that the Labrador Party is watching you and we are not going away, anytime soon.

At least the St.John's area has paved roads coming out of the ying yang. We've been looking for pot holes in our paved cross-town arterials and highways for a long time.

The Feds and the province are cost sharing $48 million to do repairs to the Newfoundland portion of the Trans Canada Highway. (We don't have a Trans Canada in Labrador)I wonder what kind of surfacing will be used to do the 211km of repairs to that highway out their? Will it be Cheap Seal or Pavement?

If we are all equal citizens in this province, I say, whats good for the Goose should be good for the Gander. Especially since most of the provinces wealth is in Labrador.


Anonymous said...

$10 million today for an un-necessary by pass road for Pouch Cove.

For the TLH,nothing.

So much for being John Hickey 's #1 priority hay?

Anonymous said...

Your merely upset that Westcott is spot on with his remarks.

By the way, what future does Happy Valley - Goose Bay have now that the NATO countries have pulled out? Why build an expensive road to a town that has no future?