Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The feds will honor their commitment to 5 Wing

VOCM news July 3,2007
No Layoffs at Base; Abbass.
Good news today for the concerned workers at 5 Wing Goose Bay.
Yesterday it did not look so good. There was a guy named Gary on the open line show July 2 very worried about his job, mainly because he was one of the employees named in a potential layoff.
Apparently several people were on the list by the Serco Contractor looking after the base for DND.

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Speaking Notes for The Honourable Gordon J. O'Connor Minister of National Defence For the Announcement on the Air Expeditionary Wing
July 20, 2007

CFB Bagotville, PQ

Check Against Delivery

Minister Blackburn,
Lt-General Lucas,
Major General Duvall,
Colonel Ruel, [Col Pierre Ruel, Commander, 3 Wing Bagotville]
Distinguished Guests,
Canadian Forces Members,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a pleasure to be here today at 3 Wing Bagotville - a Wing that has a long and proud tradition of rising to great challenges.

Through some of the darkest periods of our history, the members of this Wing could be counted on to respond when we needed them.

They were there in the Second World War when German U-boats threatened Canadian waterways.

They were there in the Cold War to defend Canada’s interests in Europe.

And they were there in 1996, when the Saguenay flood devastated this region.

This Government wants to ensure that the Canadian Forces can continue to be there when we need them.

This government is fully committed to the long-term goal of rebuilding the Canadian Forces to better meet the security challenges of the 21st Century.

We have worked hard to ensure that our troops have the tools they need to do the jobs Canadians have asked them to do.

Since coming to office, we have made many major announcements, including the procurement of strategic and tactical airlift, and medium-to heavy-lift helicopters.

We have also helped to improve the lives of Canadian Forces members and their families.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this Government understands the need to maintain and support an effective air force as part of Canada’s multi-role, combat-capable military.

But, if Canada’s Air Force is to effectively support its operations, it must develop a robust expeditionary capability.

It must be trained, equipped and structured to rapidly deploy wherever it is needed, in Canada or around the world.

And it must be able to operate autonomously for as long as it is needed.

And today, in support of those objectives, I am pleased to announce that 3 Wing Bagotville will become home to a new Air Expeditionary Wing.

This new expeditionary capability will be another step in the air force’s ongoing transformation and will improve the way the air force does business.

It will meld together air force support and combat elements into a “comprehensive package” better positioned to respond to crises.

It will allow our airmen and airwomen to train together as a team before arriving in a theatre of operations.

And, it will enable commanders to better direct a rapid and decisive response to any domestic or international contingency – ranging from large-scale humanitarian response to more traditional allied operations

Moreover, the Saguenay region will receive significant long-term economic benefits from the establishment of this new force. The growth in the number of military families in the area will increase local employment and the need for local services.

I recognize how important this is to the community, because I lived here during the 1950s, when my father served in the Air Force at CFB Bagotville.

The new expeditionary wing will be implemented in two stages, with an initial allocation of personnel in Bagotville as soon as 2008. This number will, over time, grow to up to 550 in total. These new positions will have a positive impact on this region’s economy, as salaries and benefits would likely reach $85 million.

In addition, there will be a need to increase the general military support staff on base.

Given this expansion plan, we project the military population in Bagotville will increase by 50 per cent. With family members included, over 1,000 new people would likely call this community home. I recognize how important this is to the community, because I lived here during the 1950s, when my father served in the Air Force at CFB Bagotville.

Bagotville’s military population won’t be the only thing that grows as a result of this announcement. The expeditionary wing will need to be properly supported with appropriate equipment and infrastructure. While it is early to get into specific details, this will translate into an investment of up to $300 million into Bagotville -- benefiting the local economy immensely.

This is a good news story for this community, for the Canadian Forces, and for Canadians.

Ladies and gentlemen, today’s announcement is just one more example of what this Government is doing to get our military what it needs.

Whether our airmen and airwomen are flying much-needed supplies into the dangerous zones of Afghanistan;

Patrolling our continental skies with our American partners; or

Rescuing Canadians in distress, they deserve our utmost appreciation and support.

I am grateful that you – the men and women of 3 Wing Bagotville – will be helping to guide Canada’s air force into the future.

Knowing your proud history, I am confident that you will be up for the challenges of the 21st century.

Thank you.