Wednesday, July 4, 2007

On again, off again - 5 Wing Goose Jobs

So what is going on here? One day jobs are gonna be cut, the next day status quo and the day after, not so says Serco.

The private company that runs the Goose Bay Air Base says that the feds got less work for them to do up there and that means they need less workers so they are cutting at least 10 jobs.

So much for the status quo!

Are the people of Lake Melville being mislead by the Conservatives as the Liberals before them did? The difference maybe that the Conservatives are using the private company of Serco to do their dirty work for them?

Serco can always tell the citizens of Happy Valley Goose Bay; we are a private company and as such, we have a right to cut our expenses where-ever and when-ever we choose. As a private operation this would be a convincing argument for sure.

The problem with such a scenario is: where does it leave our people if the Federal Government can wash their hands off our one industry town in such a sneaky way?


Anonymous said...

"Are the people of Lake Melville being mislead by the Conservatives as the Liberals before them did? "

Question: How did the Liberals mislead you? When did the Liberals promise a batallion? When did they promise hundreds of jobs that would never materialize?

If you have a criticism of the previous government, please express it. Heaven knows they weren't perfect by any stretch of the imagination.

But if you have evidence of them misleading anyone, please share some facts.

Norman Andrews said...

If you are so honest, why are you hiding, why are aren't you using your name?

Are you telling the people of Lake Melville that they were not mislead by the Liberals. Mislead into thinking that the base wasn't gonna close while at the same time tearing down building base housing up there.

First they spent millions of dollars in renovations and then tore them down and continued the destruction of 5 Wing until the citizens stepped in and said enough is enough.

I have videos, the CBC has videos. a video was played by the base unions at the Hvgb town hall showing some of the proof.

Hard to hide and cover up things these days, don't you think so?

I supported the Liberals and trusted them many times with reguards to the base, but could not take any more. Now I will give the Conservatives the benefit of the doubt for awhile and hope they will come through for 5 Wing Goose Bay, but thrust only goes so far with me.

To be fair the the Conservatives. They don't have a majority governments like the Liberals had many times. So the Conservatives are limited as to what they can do in such a situation. That will not serve as an excuse for too long though. Action will have to speak louder then words in the very near future.

A commitment is a commitment and must be fufilled in a reasonable time frame.

Honest is, the best policy and it's about time the Liberals learned. Goodness knows, they have been reminded enough times.

Maybe i'll stick a video on here for you.

Time to come out of the closet, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

The Germans came to Goose Bay under Trudeau and the Italians came under Chretien. Mulroney promised the sun moon and sea about the NATO base that never came to pass and now Harper done the same thing. Only thing the Liberals promised Goose lately was the run way paving which Hickey and them all ridiculed, now they are taking credit for it, and the other things like threatometers and economic diversification pacakge that Harper and them all cancelled.

On the other hand did you see what they announced in Quebec today?