Saturday, July 14, 2007

Great 'Newfoundland' Thinkers

There are thousands of great Newfoundland Thinkers, i'm sure.

Their problem maybe that they are not in a position of power like Danny Williams or his predecessors, although that shouldn't hold them back from having a huge influence on public policy and some do. i.e. Sue Kelland Dyer with the Hydro fiasco under Roger Grimes.

I'll just mention two of these thinkers that grab my attention, Sue Kelland Dyer and Carl Powell. Now some may call them a bit eccentric but I think that they are on the border line of genius compared to Danny and his gang.

Imagine a Newfoundland and Labrador Cabinet made up of a majority of ministers like those two individuals. A group that would not bow to the Board of Trade in St. John's or special interest groups in upper Canada, but would do what the voters really wanted them to do.

I can picture Sue and her group having Labrador Resources developed in Labrador for the whole province. Turning those resources into finished products for our own use and for export.
What an excellent idea Sue and Carl and why; pray tell me isn't it done by now. What forces are constantly at work to stop this from occurring? Is it about controlling the population of Labrador or trying to maintain the population of the island of Newfoundland? Whatever it's about; the present and previous governments have failed and succeeded simultaneousally. They have failed to maintain the island population or allowed it to grow and prosper and have succeeded in controlling Labrador's population by preventing industries from developing solely in the bigland.

All NL Governments past and present efforts to save the Rock have backfired. The number of Newfoundlanders that have left this province since 1996 is astounding. I've heard 60,000 residence.

It was said by me before, that our provincial governments have been shooting themselves in the foot since Confederation by keeping Labrador down. After all, isn't it far better for this province to have people from the island going to work in Labrador then in Alberta, unless you want a one town province. If that is the case, why don't they encourage all of us to move to the Avalon and get it over with. To bad for big business in the capital that idea wouldn't work, hey? If that idea was possible their dream would really come true. The dream of Labrador becoming one big warehouse for Newfoundland, just a bunch of barracks up there to hold workers in. Workers living there on a temporary basis to extract the wealth for them.


Brian said...

I agree with your statement about industrial development in the BigLand for the entire province. If industry wishes to develop solely in Labrador, how does that hurt the island??

If a large company wanted to operate solely in Labrador, the Island would still see many benefits. Tax revenue, increased economic activity, etc. The government could assist in the development of many auxillary services that would be required; education/training, man power, infrastructure development.

There is a a bit of a rift between Labrador and the Island with regards to issues of development.

Perhaps it is our duty as Labradorians to show the People of the island why it is in everyones best interest to invest in Labrador. Whether that investment be infrastructure dollars, enhanced cooperation with industry to relove development issues, one thing is clear. We need everyone on board, all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians!!

Anonymous said...

Deveolope industry in Labrador? What industry? The only way any corporation will set up in Labrador or for that matter anywhere in the island is if a deal could be struck to provide them with dirt cheap power and cheap labour. Is anybody willing to work for the LOW wages paid out in asian countries, if so we may be onto something.

By the way, the high Canadian dollar is not an incentive.

This province has one of the highest rates of unionization and it shows by our abysmal employment figures.

Norman Andrews said...

"If industry wishes to develop solely in Labrador, how does that hurt the island??"

brian, I don't know where you got that idea. In fact, industries developed soley in Labrador would be extremely beneficial for the island. That is why I said that NL governments have been shooting themselves in the foot since Confederation.

Keeping Labrador down is only hurting the whole province.

Dividing industries driven by Labrador Resources between the island and the BigLand only creates unnecessary expences for those industries. It also shortens their lifespan. i.e. Paper Mill in Stephenville which used wood from Labrador Lineboard. If built in Labrador and driven by Churchill Falls Power could be still operational.

We could have had an Aluminum Industry in Labrador years ago, but our government demanded that part of that industry be set up on the island. To exensive a proposition for Alcoa so they walked out.

We could have had Wind Power in Labrador but the Williams Government said that they have to wait until the Energy Plan is finished for the province. Are they waiting for the Energy Plan on the Island? You know the answer to that one.

An up and coming liability for Inco and the NL Government will be the proposed Smelter in Long Pond. They have already had problems in Argentia. Should have been built on site at Voisey's Bay or in Labrador West.

The powers that be are as stun as they comes and we got the dillies in this province. Don't take my word for it, ask Ontario.

Anonymous said...


Dunderdale said the profits from oil and gas projects may be partly invested in the province's hydroelectric resources, including the Lower Churchill Falls development and a transmission line to Newfoundland. Continued ...

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