Friday, July 13, 2007

When it's gone!

As sure as I'm sitting here it will be 'all' gone someday. I'm referring to our Resources, in particular, Labrador Resources. Which Newfie or series of Newfies came up with this brilliant idea of giving it away for pennies or transporting it somewhere else to be turned into finished products? It sure wasn't the thinking, responsible Newfoundlanders. Must be leaders in our industries (industries! what industries?) or our government leaders. Maybe leaders, is to strong a word for them.

What will our future generations do for a livelihood? Where will they go to work? Maybe our so called leaders can't think that far ahead. Maybe that is their number one problem, shortsightedness.

Isn't it about time that we do a study into our intelligence. Maybe we should pay close attention to those upalong folks. Bite the bullet and really dig into the thoughts they have, that we are all stupid Newfies. Yes, they may even be referring to Labrador people. Newfoundlanders are dragging us down with them, you know. You don't think so? will lets examine that idea for a minute. If the ordinary citizen of this province sits by and does nothing or very little to force changes into the way things are being done, then aren't they part of the stupidness going on in our government?

We need quick and immediate action, an about-phase, may, and I stress may, save us from going the way of the dinosaur.


Sue Kelland-Dyer said...

It is really time that we accept the options for Labrador. It can and should be a powerhouse for industry. It has the raw materials - the energy - and advantageous geography for markets.

Anything less should not be acceptable.

Anonymous said...

Deveolope industry in Labrador? What industry? The only way any corporation will set up in Labrador or for that matter anywhere in the island is if a deal could be struck to provide them with dirt cheap power and cheap labour. Is anybody willing to work for the LOW wages paid out in asian countries, if so we may be onto something.

By the way, the high Canadian dollar is not an incentive.

This province has one of the highest rates of unionization and it shows by our abysmal employment figures.

Talk about "pie in the sky", Sue and Mr. powell are dreaming in technicolor.

Anonymous said...

Oh, but Norm, just think of it: when we're older and grayer and all the things worth taking out of Labrador, are gone or in process of being taken for the Islands benefit, we can just get all warm and fuzzy feeling from just knowing we have done our part for the cause. We can be so gol-darn happy about that. 'Course they'll probably blame Canada because there's nothing left.

Ussr said...

"well we know what they say about divide and conquer "

this is a shame to look at from the out-side into this .Don't you people see who is benefiting from all this " Newfie " agaisnt "Lippy".

Look what people from Quebec and Ontario think of you .They either steal it from you and the new great province of Labrador,and all the "lippy's in Labrador ,or they steal it from the stupid " Newfies " from NewfieLand.Either way my friends your going to surcome to what Ottawa wants you to do ,and accept what they are asking of you,or you get labeled as non-caring canadains.Your choice guys!!!

Either way you look at it your dead in the water with 2.2% of the vote in the big house!!!

All hail the great mother that is Ottawa !!!