Friday, July 27, 2007

NL House of Assembly worries

The house of assembly worries that MHA's allowances in the past may have been used to buy votes.

Interesting, but they don't seem to give a damn about the party in power handing out tax payers money all over the place during an election year.

Oh! They are not breaking any laws you may say, but is it morally right? Do the PC's or Liberals really care about morality?

So what, if it was in the budget? Was it also in the budget to stragtegically hand it out just before an election? Plan your day and work your plan, right? Is that the PC's motto? Is that what Williams' advisers tell him to do? The advisers that are costing tax payers approximately $1 million a year to use our own money against us by influencing our opinions. Use our own taxes to buy our own votes. A cheap way for any party in power to run an election campaign, don't you think so?

If Williams wants government to come clean and stay clean he should make another rule. A very important rule that would have total public support. From now on, no NL Government will be permitted to hand out money for any project during an election year.

I predict right now that, Danny's house of cards will come down hard in the not to distant future.
That the PC's will go so far down that they will have to reach up to touch bottom.

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