Saturday, August 11, 2007

Getting snookered,The saddest Story of all...

"Talk about being snookered - if we spent half the energy looking for industrial developments in Labrador - versus trying to get the power out - Labrador could be booming and our children's future secured. This is just another demonstration of the superior abilities of Ontario and Quebec politicians when compared to the weak - submissive attitude of Williams." --Sue Kelland Dyer

Good story Sue.
May I suggest that everyone read all of it on her Blog, "The saddest story of all..."


Anonymous said...

Doesn't the Hebron deal make you happy? Labrador is rich now!

Anonymous said...

Danny's secret deal.

Norman Andrews said...

We have no indication that the Danny├Ęs secret Hebron deal will do anything for Labrador any more then the other Oil deal. Do you?

$640 million a year for 25 years. How much of that do you think Labrador will really end up with.

Come on get real!

We in Labrador have been taken to the cleaners and let down for so long, it would take an Earth shattering event to convince us that we will benefit from anything that Sin John,s does.

Have a good day, whoever you are behind that mask.

Anonymous said...

August 27, 2007 9:05 PM

This is sheer garbage.No wonder why the Province has nothing.Until we stand together as a Province then we are doomed to be taken advantage of by those that see what we have.And ,from one dis-placed Newfoundlander to all those in Labrador .
I would have sooner moved to Wabush then Ontario or Alberta.
Labrador resources must only be used for labrador,and nothing else.

If it doesnt then ask the federal Governement to become a territory
instaed of being part of the Province.But,this in-fighting that I see going on here between Newfoundland and Labrador is sicking.All it does for me is make me see the National side of the story.Would labrador be this bad off if we had joined Canada.Would Smallwood have been forced to get rid of the power if not for the good of the nation,being Canada.Why is the federal government in thier own case not giving more money to Labrador then what it is.

A very sad sad situation.Financial exploitation to say the least