Thursday, September 6, 2007

Cruel to be Kind(an unpublished 2007)

In the right measure, of course.

Come on little Labrador Retrievers, play dead for Poppy Danny. Mark your 'X' on October 9 for Johnny and give him your paw.

We all should keep in mind that after four years with the PC's, they gave us a couple bones with very little meat on them. What more do you want, Danny might say? What is wrong with a few bones a month before the election?

If its a majority PC Government this time around, they will give us another bone or two, thirty days prior to October 9, 2011 election. Something to look forward to, hey?

Don't you see his plan unfolding before you? He fooled the Metis last time. His plan is to fool the rest of us this time, right? All he had to do was promise us the Moon and Stars, but deliver a few bones, then, him and his side-kick preach to us all what they did with Federal Money disguised as Provincial.

Labrador people, don't you see the wool falling over your eyes? How neive can we be?

Ask yourself this: Why didn't the Williams government start the Trans-Labrador Highway reconstruction between Lab West and Hgvb three years ago? Finish that section first because it was started back in the 60's and it joines larger populated areas to the rest of Canada. Where did the $25 million per year for 7 years that the Federal Minister Loyola Hearn announced April 3, 2007 go to? He did say, there was no strings attached and it could be used for our highway in the BigLand. That announcement excited John Hickey, Graham Letto and Jim Farrell .

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